Kellogg Employment Report and Salary Data

The Kellogg School of Management is part of Northwestern University. The main campus is located in Evanston, Illinois, just 12 miles north of Chicago. The school offers full-time, part-time, and executive MBA programs, as well as dual and joint degrees.

The Kellogg School of Management’s primary focus is on experiential learning and teamwork. Many of their students participate in field research and study abroad. Students who study abroad can choose from 25 partner schools across 20 different countries. These programs are designed to instill a global perspective.

The Kellogg MBA program is dedicated to helping students master multiple disciplines to confront complex problems. The core curriculum is the focus of the first year. Classes teach fundamental business concepts in areas like management, accounting, economics, and strategy. During the second year, students create customized elective courses unique to their aspirations.

After graduation, Kellogg is dedicated to placing students in top careers. See the Employment Report for Kellogg salary statistics like average post MBA salary by region, industry, and function. For more information about the school, see our directory listing.

Kellogg Employment Report

Kellogg Employment Report & Salary Data

In this article, we’ll give an overview of the average Kellogg post MBA salary and other Kellogg salary statistics from the Kellogg employment report.

Popular Industries for Kellogg MBAs

Here are the top Kellogg School of Management MBA Industries:

    • Consulting – 33%
    • Consumer Packaged Goods – 8%
    • Energy – less than 1%
    • Financial Services – 14%
    • Healthcare – 7%
    • Manufacturing – 2%
    • Media/Entertainment – 1%
    • Nonprofit – Less than 1%
    • Real Estate – 1%
    • Retail – 2%
    • Technology – 30%

Companies Typically Hiring Kellogg MBAs

The chances of breaking into consulting with a Kellogg MBA are high. Consulting is the most popular industry for Kellogg MBAs. Consulting firms were responsible for hiring 138 Kellogg graduates. About one-third of graduates accepted jobs in this industry.

Here are the top companies hiring Kellogg MBAs:

    • Accenture Strategy – 4
    • Bain & Company – 20
    • The Boston Consulting Group – 33
    • Deloitte Consulting LLP – 8
    • L.E.K. Consulting – 3
    • McKinsey & Company – 56
    • PwC Strategy& – 11
    • ZS Associates – 3
    • The Estee Lauder Companies – 4
    • Nike, Inc. – 6
    • PepsiCo, Inc – 5
    • Tyson Foods – 4
    • Capital One Financial Corporation – 3
    • J.P. Morgan – 3
    • Medtronic, Inc – 4
    • DICK’s Sporting Goods – 4
    • Adobe Systems – 6
    • Amazon – 28
    • Apple Inc. – 7
    • Google – 20
    • Intuit Inc. – 4
    • Microsoft Corporation – 8

Kellogg Post MBA Salary

The average Kellogg post MBA salary was listed at $143,838. The average salary for consultants was almost $13,000 higher than the Kellogg average salary at $156,626.

Average Kellogg MBA Salary By Region

Here is the average Kellogg salary by region:

International average: $110,807

Asia – $113,632
Europe – insufficient data
North America (non-US) – insufficient data
South America – $80,305

United States average: $146,533

Mid-Atlantic – $152,430
Midwest – $145,175
Northeast – $148,015
South – $151,412
Southwest – $153,289
West – $144,095

Kellogg MBA Signing Bonus

Eighty-five percent of Kellogg MBAs reported receiving a signing bonus. Signing bonuses ranged from $1,500 to $105,000. The average Kellogg MBA signing bonus was $32,582.

Kellogg Executive MBA Global Network

The Kellogg Executive MBA Global Network is the largest in the world. Campuses span across in Canada, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. The Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA is the #1 EMBA program in Canada.

The report did not include Kellogg-Schulich eMBA salary data or data for any of the other campuses in the Global Network. According to the program listing on Economist Education, the average Kellogg-Schulich eMBA salary is $170,499.

Kellogg Employment Report

The 2021 Kellogg Employment Report gives salary data by industry, region, and function. According to the report, 96% of graduates were offered a job within three months of graduation. Ninety-five percent accepted an offer within three months. The average Kellogg post MBA salary was listed at $143,838. One-third of Kellogg MBAs landed jobs in the consulting industry. The average salary for consultants was $156, 626.


The Kellogg School of Management provides ample opportunities for hands-on learning, teamwork, and global business experience. From the beginning, students are able to build relationships and travel internationally with Kellogg Worldwide Experiences & Service Trips (KWEST). The school also provides a lot of flexibility by offering one-year, two-year, and evening and weekend MBA programs. Kellogg’s one-year MBA program was the first of its kind.

The Kellogg post MBA salary data looked promising for the class of 2021. One-third of the class accepted employment in the consulting industry. Top consulting firms Bain, BCG, and McKinsey were responsible for hiring over 100 graduates.

If you’re looking for a school that offers a lot of flexibility with its programs, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern may be the place for you. Be sure to check out our directory listing for the Kellogg School of Management for more information on the school.


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