JTaylor Firm Profile

JTaylor is a client-centric CPA firm with a focus on tax services and business consulting. Its success stems from the ability to simplify complex issues while maintaining integrity and offering strategic guidance. With a blend of quantitative analysis and human insight, JTaylor empowers clients to navigate towards success. Serving diverse industries, the skilled team offers comprehensive accounting, assurance, consulting, and tax services tailored to address the challenges of today’s intricate business landscape.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website: www.jtaylor.com
Firm Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas
Firm Number of Employees: 100
Firm Number of Locations: 1
Firm Chief Executive: Joe Taylor
Firm Revenue: $14 million

JTaylor History

Established in 1999, JTaylor began offering tax services and business consulting. With a firm commitment to integrity, impartiality, and competency, the firm started its operations with the aim to empower clients to achieve success by offering them insightful guidance and technical expertise. Over time, JTaylor’s presence expanded across industries and regions, serving complex clients in Texas and beyond. Today, with dedication to its mission and values, JTaylor stands with expertise, integrity, and opportunity in the world of business advisory.

JTaylor Careers

Read on to learn about career opportunities and dynamics at JTaylor! You can also check out their careers page here.

JTaylor Internship

The stated goals of JTaylor internships are to gain exposure to diverse engagements, industries, and team dynamics within JTaylor’s unique culture, get integrated into teams and interact directly with clients. JTaylor offers assurance and tax internships twice per year in Spring and Summer, the difference being that during Spring, interns will experience the typical busy tax season, whereas in Summer, interns will likely gain insights into tax accounting beyond the busy season, working on complex returns, research, and projects across industries.

Consulting internships happen only once, in Summer, offering a comprehensive 10-week experience that integrates students into active client work, providing exposure to various projects and fostering growth through mentorship and presentations.

Practice Areas

JTaylor works in the following five service areas:

    • Accounting
    • Assurance
    • Tax
    • Healthcare Consulting
    • Business Consulting


JTaylor’s core industries are:

    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Retail

The firm also works in the following areas:

    • Agribusiness
    • Dealerships
    • Factoring
    • Financial Services
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality and Leisure
    • Private Equity
    • Real Estate
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • Technology

JTaylor Locations

JTaylor is stationed in the South:

    • Fort Worth, Texas

Exit Opportunities

Tax and assurance services are universally necessary in the business world, so those with skills in either area could easily make the switch to another CPA or tax related firm. Those in the business consulting arm of JTaylor would be equally equipped to jump into relevant consulting roles elsewhere.

Target Schools

Headquartered in Texas, JTaylor sees many employees coming out of the following schools:

    • The University of Texas at Arlington
    • Texas Christian University
    • Oklahoma State University
    • Texas Christian University – M.J. Neeley School of Business
    • The University of Texas at Arlington – College of Business
    • Trinity University

Diversity Programs

Beyond stating it has diverse teams, JTaylor has no public information about diversity programs. It’s a relatively small firm, so hiring resources may be limited, likely resulting in a higher concentration of local recruits rather than a global cohort.

JTaylor Culture

JTaylor states that its core values of Faith, Empowerment, Family, Fairness, Mutual Respect, Quality, and Teamwork are guiding principles that influence every decision and interaction within the firm. Staff tend to be happy with the environment and their colleagues, but some feel management can be too busy to give as much feedback and input as would be ideal, and strict in-office policies, even for those with a long drive, is mentioned as a disadvantage.

JTaylor Interview

JTaylor makes minimal information available as far as interview preparation, and there aren’t many reviews online, but here’s what we could find:

Firm Interview Process

Applicants have varied experiences, but a full day interview is usually involved with one or two calls preceding. Interviewers’ positions range from Associate to Partner, and questions are thorough, in both technical and culture areas. They usually ask which firm value the candidate resonates with most. The day finishes with an extensive case study.

JTaylor Salary

JTaylor salaries are significantly lower than MBB firms, which would be expected from a smaller, niche firm. Employees do mention that benefits aren’t as good as at other firms. Past employees gives the following estimates for these positions:

  • Consulting Analyst: $81,702
  • Associate: $79,418
  • Tax Associate: $59,612
  • Senior Analyst: $85,329
  • Analyst: $74,082
  • Audit Senior Associate: $82,553
  • Consulting Intern: $61,864
  • Assurance Associate: $67,500

Check out our salaries report for details on hundreds of firms’ compensation packages


JTayloraylor’s client-centered track record of delivering impactful solutions makes it a great fit for students approaching internships as well as mid and late career hires. The small size will give newbies the opportunity to work hard and stand out as well as build office relationships more easily than they would at a larger firm.


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