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If you’re an aspiring consultant interested in working in finance, consider applying to Johnson Associates. Headquartered in New York City, Johnson Associates provides a full array of financial and strategic consulting services to clients in the finance industry. Johnson Associates specializes in helping clients with complex decisions around compensation and incentives. Here, we’ve gathered all the information you need to determine whether a career at Johnson Associates might be right for you.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: New York City, NY
Firm Number of Employees: 20-50
Firm Number of Locations: 1
Firm Chief Executive: Alan Johnson
Firm Revenue: $10 million

Johnson Associates History

The Johnson Associates history goes back over 25 years. Throughout that time, the firm has established a reputation for providing actionable advice regarding a variety of financial and strategic considerations, especially regarding issues of compensation. Johnson Associates has maintained its independence since its founding, which enables the firm to provide objective guidance to its clients without conflicts.

Johnson Associates Careers

Let’s take a look at all the relevant information about Johnson Associates careers. For more on Johnson Associates careers, check out their website careers page.

Johnson Associates Internship

There is currently no public information available about any Johnson Associates internships. As a smaller firm, the company may not be offering any internships at this time. That said, it never hurts to ask. Boutique firms often value the ability to get lower cost help and recognize the value of being able to evaluate an intern’s fit with the company before making a full-time job offer. But, establishing an “internship program” takes time and effort and requires a certain amount of scale that some firms just don’t have.

Practice Areas

Johnson Associates provides a variety of financial consulting services to its clients. The Johnson Associates practice areas include:

    • Board of Director Compensation
    • Compensation Committee Advice
    • Executive Compensation Design & Feedback
    • Regulatory Trends & Issues
    • Say on Pay / Shareholder Advisory
    • ESG Metrics
    • Emerging Market Trends & Analysis
    • IPO / Unit Sale / Acquisition Issues
    • Stock Option Valuation
    • Detailed Program Assessments
    • Annual Incentive Design
    • Incentive Funding Rates
    • Partnership Plans
    • Custom Analytics
    • Compensation Mix (Base Salary / Incentive / Long-term)
    • Market Benchmarking
    • Peer Group Analysis
    • Performance Metrics
    • Employment Contracts
    • Sales Incentive Design & Review
    • Compensation Philosophy
    • Long-term Incentive Design
    • Equity Positions
    • Performance-based Plans
    • Deferral Programs
    • Carried Interest Plans
    • Succession Planning
    • Year-End Review


The primary Johnson Associates industry is finance, with the firm’s client list made up almost exclusively of organizations in the financial sector.

Johnson Associates Locations

There is currently only one Johnson Associates location, which is the firm’s headquarters in New York City.

Career Path

As Johnson Associates is a smaller firm, there is relatively little information available about the Johnson Associates career path. The company does hire candidates straight from college for entry-level consultant positions. Firms of this size tend not to operate according to the regular up-or-out promotion schedule favored by many larger firms. It’s likely that Johnson Associates hires and promotes on a more as-needed basis.

Exit Opportunities

The Johnson Associates exit opportunities should be quite promising for departing employees, as the company offers a full suite of financial consulting services. Upon leaving the company, employees will be especially well positioned to continue working in the finance or financial consulting sector.

Diversity Programs

There are currently no Johnson Associates diversity programs listed on the firm website. However, in a September 2021 interview, managing partner Alan Johnson spoke to the increasing emphasis companies are placing on diversity and inclusion in their compensation decisions.

Johnson Associates Culture

The Johnson Associates culture is centered around expertise, strong judgment, and candor. The firm prizes its independence, which empowers its employees to provide clients with objective feedback. Further, the company celebrates its strong long-standing relationships with its clients.

Johnson Associates Interview

By now you may be considering applying to a Johnson Associates consulting position, so let’s take a look at what to expect from your Johnson Associates interview.

Firm Interview Process

The Johnson Associates firm interview process is fairly standard for consulting firms and quite rigorous. Previous applicants describe a one to two month interview process that includes a minimum of four rounds of interviews. After an initial interview regarding the applicant’s background, general economic knowledge, and behavioral fit, applicants proceed to several one-on-one interviews with senior employees. These interviews involve multiple case studies and require the applicant to present on a previous project. The final interview is with the firm’s CEO.

Johnson Associates Salary

The average Johnson Associates salary for the Consultant position is $115,000. This puts the Johnson Associates salary on par with the Big Three consulting firms, where the average salary for an entry-level consultant is $110,000-112,000.

For a more detailed list of salary information for hundreds of firms, make sure you check out our 2023 Management Consulted Salary Report.


Johnson Associates has a strong reputation for excellence that puts it on par with larger firms, but its leaner structure allows it to maintain an independent approach. Despite this lean structure, however, employee compensation is very competitive. If you’re an aspiring consultant interested in working in the finance sector, you should consider applying to Johnson Associates today.


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