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Today we highlight tremendous business analyst and post-consulting leadership jobs at TOMS. TOMS is a popular shoe manufacturer known for combining philanthropy with a profitable business model. Whether someone is out shopping for apparel or looking to better our world, TOMS gives an opportunity for both. If you see a need, through the purchase of their merchandise you are able to address it. This business model creates a direct cause-and-effect relationship between the consumer and the ones TOMS supports.


History & Culture

TOMS isn’t your average shoe retailer. Founded by Blake Mycoskie in 2006, TOMS is the profitable product of a philanthropic vision. The company gained national attention due to its One-for-One program – for every pair of shoes purchased, one pair is donated to children in need. Realizing One-for-One could serve other global needs, Mycoskie launched TOMS eyewear in 2011 to fund sight repair through medical assistance, prescription glasses and correction surgery. Continuing to expand, in 2014 the company took on a new goal: to bring clean, safe drinking water to cities in need while creating a sustainable system therein.

This new approach captivated public attention, and numerous businesses following the One-for-One model have emerged since TOMS’ rise to fame. So far, the company has given an impressive total of 35 million pairs of shoes to children in over 70 different countries. Since the expansion of the company, non-profits have partnered with them, receiving the title of “Giving Partners” to give a helping hand in this people enhancing vision. Now they have over 150 Giving Partners in more than 70 countries who are literally being the hands and feet of TOMS, as they have the privilege to place their shoes on children’s feet.

These non-profits are humanitarian organizations that are involved with and invest in the local businesses and government structure, with the long term goal to create sustainable systems that better serve the people. There are Shoe Giving Partners, Sight Giving Partners, Water Giving Partners, and Safe Birth Partners. One TOMS Premium coffee bean purchase provides 140 liters of water to a person in need, equating to a weeks’ supply. Buying a TOMS bag funds Safe Birth Partners who offer maternal programs and train community health workers to provide a safe birth place plus equip them with proper tools. These factors reduce the risk of infection for a mother by 80% and 50% of baby deaths will be prevented.

While originally a family company, the company is now run like a typical corporation. Current and past employees highlight the fulfilling sense of accomplishment that comes along with working in a philanthropically-aware environment. TOMS is considered by most employees to be a fun place to work, with a good atmosphere and a great work/life balance. They care for their employees well; an entire department is dedicated to enhancing company culture and experience. This is a great company in which to challenge yourself, as it provides a consistent creative outlet paired with a need for ingenuity to further mature and advance its positive impact.

Interview Tips & Tricks

TOMS is best known for its One-for-One program – for every pair of shoes purchased, one pair is donated to children in need; for every pound of coffee, clean water is given; for glasses, sight; for bags, birthing services. The company has used this unique selling point to achieve hundreds of millions in revenue.

But what is it like to work at TOMS? Unlike the garage-based small business that started it all, TOMS has grown into a full-fledged corporate-like entity. Employees say day-to-day life on the job is great, with extras like free espresso, daily food trucks, lenient schedules, and a laid-back office environment with a youthful vibe. Seriously – they are dog friendly and have a slide inside the office. Not only do they create a good work environment mentally, but also take care of their employees’ physical needs. Employees receive a wide range of health coverage, performance bonuses, maternity and parenting leave, and paid holiday and vacation, among other great benefits. Company culture promotes an interactive workplace, where team members are free to collaborate and partner together on projects within each department.

It is good to have in-depth knowledge about the company and position you’re applying for. Depending on what that is, you’ll be asked tailor made questions that will feel pretty difficult if you don’t prepare some answers beforehand. The answers to these questions are important because they’re looking for qualities of critical thinking and self-awareness.

If you know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, what type of people you work best with and how you perform under pressure or when lacking motivation, you’ll be in a good position to succeed at TOMS. You should also have a handful of hero stories ready to bedazzle your interviewer; times you’ve exercised exquisite skills that would make you a killer employee, times in which you’ve acted brilliantly and with integrity in difficulty in circumstance and stories that highlight your exception communication skills.

Be warned though, as the company experiences growing pains, maintaining clear direction has been a challenge. Recent promotion trends have seen TOMS target outsiders rather than promoting from within. While some employees are concerned about upward career opportunities, most maintain a positive view about the company’s future.

To learn more about open positions and how to apply, visit the Careers Page today.


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