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Today we highlight tremendous business analyst and post-consulting leadership jobs at T-Mobile. T-Mobile, an American operating entity of a German company, is the smallest big player in U.S. Telecom. T-Mobile has been ranked by J.D. Power and Associates, a global marketing-information-services firm, as the highest in retail store satisfaction amongst its competitors consecutively for the the past four years and also the highest for customer care two years consecutively. Among other awards, T-Mobile has been named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies, and in 2014 was ranked at No. 20 by Fast Company.

By the awards listed above, T-Mobile must be doing at least something right, and in fact has been stirring things up in the wireless telecommunications business for the past couple of years, positioning itself to overtake one of them to become the third largest carrier in the nation.


History & Culture At T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s history can be traced all the way back to the 1994 establishment of VoiceStream Wireless PCS as a subsidiary of Western Wireless Corporation. Spun off from parent Western Wireless on May 3, 1999, VoiceStream Wireless was purchased by Deutsche Telekom AG in 2001 for $35B and renamed T-Mobile USA, Inc. in July 2002.

Headquartered out of Bellevue, Washington, T-Mobile US provides wireless voice, messaging, and data services in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands under the T-Mobile, MetroPCS and GoSmart Mobile brands. The company operates the fourth largest wireless network in the U.S. market with 52.9M customers and annual revenues of $24.42B. Its nationwide network reaches 96% of Americans, though its hspa3G/hspa+4G/4GLTE coverage is smaller.

Led by the outspoken and brilliant visionary CEO John Legere, T-Mobile has been out to change the way the wireless telecommunications business does business since 2012. T-Mobile, with its “un-carrier” moves ranging from no contract customers, allowing customers to upgrade their phone up to two times per year, paying off early termination fees for people who want to give T-Mobile a try, and their latest move which lets users carry over unused high-speed data usage for up to one year, T-Mobile is dead set on changing the wireless telecommunications industry.

According to employees, working at T-Mobile it is an amazing and fun experience – wouldn’t you want to work for a a creative company that is both passionate about changing a staid, saturated industry?

Plus, T-Mobile goes above and beyond for its people. When it comes to offering benefits to their employees, they don’t just offer the traditional benefits that most employers offer, like 401ks and stock options – they take it to the next level by making those traditional benefits some of the most extraordinary in the industry. Like Starbucks, they take care of their front line – even part-time employees still get full time benefits. Some of the additional T-Mobile perks are pretty cool – like a $200 subsidy a month to be used on childcare expenses.

Interview Tips & Tricks For T-Mobile

T-Mobile didn’t get to be a company that is leading massive change in the American wireless telecommunications industry by sitting around and doing things like their competitors. In fact, the only reason they are where they are now, and not bankrupt, is because they decided enough was enough. Instead of being a follower, they chose to be a rebel leader, making decisions to engage with and listen to their customers and employees on how to best change the industry.
Like T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, T-Mobile is a company full of game changers, disruptors, and people who don’t play by the rules. Sound like you? That’s exactly the type of people the company wants to bring on board. T-Mobile is looking for people who are passionate about what they do and about changing the world for the better while having loads of fun while doing it.

With T-Mobile, the typical application can be completed in as little as 10 minutes but can take up to an hour if an assessment is required. There is not one sure way that leads your application to be accepted for the interview process. You can apply for a position at T-Mobile in many different ways ranging from job fairs, staffing agencies, applying online, or applying in person. We highly recommend you network into the business rather than going in with a cold referral.

The typical hiring process from application to offer will vary largely depending upon the position that you are applying for, but you can expect the timeline to take anywhere from 1-10 weeks. After submitting your initial application, with your resume/CV, cover letter, and other supporting documents, HR typically will respond to your application within a couple of days.

Once you get called for an interview, you can bank on at least 3-5 interviews which typically consist of connecting with the recruiter for a phone screen, followed by a phone interview with the hiring manager, and then being brought in for a couple on site interviews. Again, depending on the position for which you have applied, the interview process can vary slightly.

You need to be prepared when interviewing with T-Mobile, because the questions that you will receive are both behavioral like “Why do you want to work for T-Mobile?” or “Tell me about a situation when you didn’t agree with a new policy and how did you handle it?” and experiential (Context, Action, Result) like “Tell me about a time you realized you were doing something wrong and how you adapted?”, “What type of leader are you?” and “What motivates you?”

They are also known to ask a lot of tough and interesting personal reflection questions like “Why should I hire you?”, “What do you need to improve in yourself or have to work on?”, “What can you contribute to the company?”, or “What has been your worst professional failure?” so be prepared with your hero stories! They might drill down on your experiences and role play with you, so don’t go in without preparation.

If T-Mobile likes you, they will do their upmost to find you a position, even if it is not in the original position you applied for. It is all about having the right attitude and willingness to work which will get you hired.

Lastly, make sure you know the market value for the position in which you are applying. After you get an offer, even though T-Mobile is known to be pretty fixed and rigid with offers, there is room to negotiate if you know what the position is worth.

To learn more about open positions and how to apply, visit the Careers Page today.


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