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What is Inverto BCG? What should you expect if you land an Inverto job? How does it compare with working for its more prestigious parent company, Boston Consulting Group? Today, we’re answering these questions and talking about Inverto job openings, salary, and locations. Let’s dive in!

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What Is Inverto BCG?

Inverto BCG is a European-based consulting firm specializing in procurement and supply chain management. The firm serves a variety of companies across the globe in both the public and private sectors. Its primary customer base is mid-sized companies, but it also serves some of the world’s largest private equity firms and their portfolio companies.

The firm was acquired by the Boston Consulting Group in 2016, officially making Inverto a BCG company. This acquisition helped BCG further its goal of expanding to the UK and EU and providing downstream services from its traditional strategy work in the procurement and operations segment.

The acquisition has become especially beneficial in the last couple of years, as businesses have needed support to digitize operations and deal with supply disruptions. Inverto’s strategic procurement knowledge and proven approach to strengthening supply chains has added significant value to BCG.

About An Inverto Job

So, what are the perks of landing an Inverto job – and how does it compare to working for BCG?

At Inverto, you can expect long hours and a good deal of travel, as is the case with most consulting jobs. But, as a result, you’ll enjoy the high-growth environment and career advancement opportunities that come with such a commitment.

Inverto’s consultant approval ratings on Glassdoor are high. 99% recommend the company to a friend, and 100% approve of the firm’s Managing Directors and founders. Employees appreciate that it has stayed true to the founders’ spirit even during the significant growth that has come with the BCG acquisition.

Employees at Inverto work closely with teams across BCG, giving them invaluable access to the firm’s knowledge (and an opportunity to broaden their own networks). They gain insight into upstream strategy while contributing to the broader firm’s knowledge bank. Compared to BCG proper, Inverto offers a quicker path to promotion and a tighter knit culture. However, compensation and benefits are below what you would receive in a strategy role.

Inverto job openings include listings for Associate Consultants, Principals, Senior Project Managers, and Senior Consultants. Remember, these roles are specifically for work within the procurement and supply chain management functions. View open roles here.

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Inverto BCG Salary

The base pay for a consultant at Inverto varies depending on location. It typically falls between £55,000-£59,000 ($63,000-$68,000 USD). This entry level Inverto BCG salary is not as competitive as BCG’s base salary, which is at $100,000 in the U.S.

Why the drastic difference? Consulting salaries in Europe are generally lower than in the U.S., and that’s before you consider that Inverto can charge less for ops-focused projects than BCG charges for strategy projects, leading to lower pay for its consultants.

Inverto provides a range of benefits including comprehensive insurance packages, child and elder care, and a company car. The website also cheekily lists “as much fruit, coffee, tea, and water as you wish” to accommodate both the health-conscious and caffeine-addicted.

Inverto BCG Culture

Inverto BCG attributes its 300+ satisfied employees to a company culture described as “very Inverto.” This phrase denotes a fun and friendly atmosphere that prioritizes team spirit and fairness. Inverto’s employees agree, citing great values, people, and culture as major perks of working for the company.

Leadership works to create a culture of feedback, which gives employees the benefit of always knowing where they stand. Inverto employees rave about the family-like, collegial environment. This hasn’t happened by accident. Inverto intentionally creates this culture with team nights, sporting events, and Friday “fridge meetings” where employees grab a drink to start the weekend together.

Inverto Locations

The firm was originally founded in Germany, with its first office in the city of Cologne. Since then, it has expanded to nine locations across eight countries. Seven of those eight are in Europe and one is in China. Locations include Vienna, Stockholm, Shanghai, Paris, Munich, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and the company headquarters in Cologne.

Inverto has grown quickly in the last twenty years. With locations across Europe and Asia, it has become an internationally minded company that continues to seek growth. In early 2020, the company invested in accelerated growth in the UK by hiring new Managing Director Thibault Lecat to work alongside Lace Younger, the existing MD of Inverto London. In 2022, the company restructured its management team as it enters the next phase of its evolution.


Inverto, with the backing of BCG, is leading the way in strategic procurement and supply chain consulting. Landing a job there means enjoying good benefits, a great company culture, and meaningful work.

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