Introducing the Networking Bible: Insider secrets to break into consulting

We’ve promised that this post was coming for more than a year.  We first said it was coming last May, and we used to call our work-in-progress the “Recruiting Toolkit.” Then, we took a step back, surveyed our current clients, and re-assessed what you really want from us.

This giant bundle of genius is the result.

For years, we’ve been delivering market-leading products – like the Consulting Bible and the Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Bible – as well as premium best-practice services – our resume/cover letter editing and interview prep offerings get rave responses from our clients around the world.

However, we’ve known for a while that you want more than just tools for the road – you need a distinct advantage, something that no-one else in your peer group has when they are dropping the 400th resume a consulting firm will receive today.

You need a way in.

Introducing…the Consultant’s Networking Bible – a complete how-to book including email and call scripts, a 10-step plan to break into the super-competitive industry, and extensive dos and don’ts for the road – as well as a full-on database with 110+ top global consulting firms, 2500+ names and emails of actual contacts from the firms, and more juice than we can pack into this post.

Our email subscribers (if you’re not one, sign up here right now) have known about this for 2 weeks, and had the chance to compete for free copies of the book. We’re proud to announce that our winners are:

  • Martin, Popularity King:  1 hour coaching session ($225 value) and Networking Bible
  • Yves, Facebook All-Star: Networking Bible ($95 value)
  • Enoch, LinkedIn Lover: Networking Bible ($95 value)
  • James, Twitterpater: Networking Bible ($95 value)

Update:  Thanks to all of you who used our 50% off discount code for the book launch!  We had an overwhelming response to the new book.  If you sign up for our email list NOW, you’ll get in on reminder emails and future discounts as we introduce more free content and great deals into the fall.  You can also get access to great detail if you Like MC on Facebook – better do that NOW before you miss our next promo!

A few questions you might have about the Networking Bible

Q: How is it different from other networking resources out there on the web, or your (great) free stuff on the site here?

A:  Is anything out there consulting specific? Does it include 88 pages of exclusive insider content that no recruiter will ever share with you? Do you get a database of 2500+ names at target consulting firms and detailed info (+ contacts) for 110+ firms you may never have considered?

Didn’t think so.

Q: What if I’m applying outside the U.S.?  Will the Networking Bible still be relevant for me?

A:  Yes. Why? It has 110+ firms in it, and most of them have overseas offices. In addition, we’ve compiled contacts for the firms that cover multiple countries – but where we don’t have them, we provide the email moniker that the firm uses, so you can search on your own using LinkedIn or our other suggested methods to find someone in your home country.

The key to successful networking is going beyond your comfort zone – and that’s just what the Networking Bible will help you do.

Q:  It’s pretty expensive.  Can I get a discount?

A:  For what it is, it’s actually NOT expensive. It took us over 200 hours to complete the database alone, and at our standard rate that’s $40,000 (which doesn’t even count the scripts and content we created for the e-book). So, charging $95 for the book is actual a freaking steal, and you better jump on it before we wake up, change our mind and increase the price or limit the copies sold.

We look forward to hearing your success stories as you put the Networking Bible into action…please email us with good news and great tidings from the field. We always love to hear from you.

Buy the Networking Bible now!

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