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INSEAD is one of the most prestigious business schools outside of the United States. It has an impeccable reputation around the world. This is partly due to their highly selective application process which requires students to be able to speak at least two languages.

The business school was founded in 1957 by Harvard Business School graduate, Georges Doriot and his colleagues. The founders were able to bring the Paris Chamber of Commerce on board with their mission to introduce business education in Europe. This provided the financial backing they needed to start the school.

INSEAD Business School focuses on academic rigor, while providing one of the most culturally diverse MBAs available. INSEAD campuses are located in France, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Students complete courses at a combination of these but may also participate in exchange programs with partner schools. Classes are taught in English, but students are required to speak three languages before graduating.

INSEAD exclusively offers graduate programs. The MBA program is an accelerated 1-year program designed to be completed in ten months. The program includes core courses, electives, group work, and career counseling. In addition to the MBA program, INSEAD offers a Masters in Management, Executive MBA, Master in Finance, PhD in Management, and others.
See the 2021 INSEAD Employment Report for INSEAD MBA salary statistics by region, industry, and function. For more information about the school, see our directory listing.

INSEAD Employment Report, INSEAD salary

INSEAD Salary & Employment Data

In this article, we’ll give an overview of the average INSEAD MBA salary and other salary statistics from the 2021 INSEAD Employment Report. Topics will include:

  • Popular Industries for INSEAD MBAs
  • Companies Typically Hiring INSEAD MBAs
  • Average INSEAD MBA Salary
  • Average INSEAD MBA Salary by Region
  • INSEAD MBA Signing Bonus
  • INSEAD Employment Report

Popular Industries for INSEAD MBAs

INSEAD MBA Industries:

  • Consulting – 52%
  • Financial Services – 14%
  • Technology, Media, and Telecommunications – 19%
  • Corporate Services – 16%

Companies Typically Hiring INSEAD MBAs

The chances of breaking into consulting are high as a graduate of INSEAD. Over half the graduating class of 2021 went into the consulting industry. McKinsey & Company was also the number one company hiring INSEAD MBAs, hiring a total of 119. Between McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, 232 graduates were hired from the class of 2021.

Companies Hiring INSEAD MBAs:

  • McKinsey & Company – 119
  • Bain & Company – 69
  • Boston Consulting Group – 44
  • Amazon – 28
  • Accenture – 19
  • Kearney – 18
  • Roland Berger – 11
  • Strategy& – 11
  • Shopee – 8
  • Deloitte – 6
  • Ernst & Young – 6
  • Credit Suisse – 5
  • Eli Lilly and Company – 5
  • Hilti Corporation – 5
  • L.E.K. Consulting – 5
  • Restaurant Brands International – 5
  • Microsoft – 4
  • Oliver Wyman – 4

Average INSEAD MBA Salary

The average salary for an INSEAD MBA graduate was listed at $113,900. The average consulting salary was listed slightly higher at $119,000.

Average INSEAD MBA Salary By Region

Average INSEAD Post MBA Salary by Region:

  • Africa/Middle East – $135,600
  • Asia Pacific – $105,300
  • Eastern Europe – $101,200
  • North America – $142,500
  • Northern Europe – $120,000
  • South America – $76,400
  • Southern Europe – $89,300
  • Western Europe – $118,300

INSEAD MBA Signing Bonus

The median INSEAD MBA Signing Bonus was listed at $27,400. The average signing bonus for consultants was listed at $27,200.

INSEAD Employment Report

The 2021 INSEAD Employment Report found that 92% of students received a job offer within three months of graduation, and 89% accepted an offer. This matches the statistics before the pandemic which reflects the resilience of INSEAD MBA graduates. The average base salary was listed at $113,900 USD. This is a 9.3% increase largely due to higher salaries in the Corporate Sectors and Financial Services.

INSEAD offers an education that prepares students for the world of international business like no other. The business school only accepts 12% of students with the same nationality, at the most. Students then receive their education at INSEAD campuses around the world. Because of this diversity, it’s no surprise that graduates accept jobs around the world with the United Kingdom and Singapore being the top two locations. The United States, China, and France were also in the top five. These replaced the United Arab Emirates, Germany, and Spain as top locations from previous years.


INSEAD’s commitment to developing students with a global perspective is unlike any other leading business school. Students not only have the opportunity to learn from classmates from a vast array of cultural backgrounds, but will also experience different cultures first-hand. Being an INSEAD business school student means having access to four campuses around the world.

If you’re interested in a multicultural experience unmatched by other leading business schools, INSEAD might be the place for you.

For additional INSEAD MBA salary statistics by sector and location, see the 2021 INSEAD Employment Report. For more information about the school, be sure to check out our directory listing.


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