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Though it’s only been around since 2006, Information Services Group—or ISG—has quickly grown into a leading consulting firm specializing in technological research and advisory. The firm offers a mix of advisory, digital transformation and research capabilities to its growing client base. In an era defined by the rapid pace of technological progress and the ongoing digital revolution, ISG is operating at the center. This makes ISG an extremely exciting and attractive workplace for aspiring consultants. Are you interested in working for a globally renowned firm with a reputation for excellence? Do you want to leverage technology to help leading companies achieve highly impactful results? If yes, then consider applying to ISG.

Here, we’ve collected all the information you need to know about whether an ISG consulting career is right for you.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Stamford, CT
Firm Number of Employees: 1,600
Firm Number of Locations: 21
Firm Chief Executive: Michael P Connors
Firm Revenue: $278 million

Information Services Group History

The Information Services Group history dates back to 2006 in Stamford, Connecticut. In the relatively short time since then, ISG has leveraged its information-based services to achieve quite rapid growth. The company has advised on over $150 billion in transactions since 2010, with over 900 clients and 1,600 employees operating in more than 20 countries.

Information Services Group Careers

Now let’s look at all the info you need to know about Information Service Group careers. For more information, check out their careers page.

Information Services Group Internship

There is not currently any information available about an Information Services Group internship. But, reaching out to the company via the email address on its website or via LinkedIn can never hurt.

Practice Areas

The Information Services Group practice areas include:

    • Automation
    • Benchmarking
    • Business Operations
    • Cloud Transformation
    • Cost Optimization
    • Customer Experience
    • Cybersecurity
    • Data & Analytics Transformation
    • Digital Engineering
    • Experience Assessments
    • Emerging Technology & Innovation
    • Future of Work
    • HR Technology and Transformation
    • Leadership, Culture, & DEI
    • Network
    • Operating Model
    • Organizational Change Management
    • Smart Industry
    • Software
    • Sourcing
    • Supplier & Contract Management
    • Training as a Service


The Information Services Group Industries include:

    • Banking & Financial Services
    • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Energy and Utilities
    • Healthcare
    • Higher Education
    • Insurance
    • Life SciencesMedia, Technology, and Communications
    • Manufacturing
    • Private Equity
    • Public Sector
    • Retail
    • Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality

Information Services Group Locations

ISG operates in over 20 countries around the world. The Information Services Group Locations include:

    • ISG Stamford, CT
    • ISG The Woodlands, TX
    • ISG São Paulo, Brazil
    • ISG Toronto, Canada
    • ISG Mexico City
    • ISG Hellerup, Denmark
    • ISG Helsinki, Finland
    • ISG Paris, France
    • ISG Frankfurt, Germany
    • ISG Roma, Italy
    • ISG Breda, The Netherlands
    • ISG Madrid, Spain
    • ISG Stockholm, Sweden
    • ISG Zürich, Switzerland
    • ISG Surrey, UK
    • ISG Sydney, Australia
    • ISG Bangalore, India
    • ISG Tokyo, Japan
    • ISG Seoul, South Korea
    • ISG Singapore

Career Path

The Information Services Group career path for consultants, in ascending order of seniority, is as follows:

    • Consultant
    • Senior Consultant
    • Managing Consultant
    • Principal Consultant

Exit Opportunities

Information services group exit opportunities are incredibly broad. You are well-positioned to work directly for a technology firm, within the technology function of almost any company, or continue as a technology consultant. Private equity or venture capital firms would also value your skillset.

Diversity Programs

Among the Information Services Group diversity programs is the IDEA team, which stands for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness. This team works to drive internal change within the company. The organization also includes an initiative called ISG Women in Digital, which supports women within ISG as they navigate the digital transformation.

Information Services Group Culture

The Information Services Group culture is described as people first, with the company making every effort to support both employees and clients. Information Services Group Inc values excellence, innovation, and leadership. Previous employees praise the culture and the relationships they built with their colleagues.

Information Services Group Interview

Now let’s take a look at what you can expect from the Information Services Group interview.

Firm Interview Process

The firm interview process at ISG typically begins with an online test assessing your basic skills, such as Excel proficiency. From there, applicants proceed through three rounds of interviews which combine behavioral/attitudinal fit questions, background questions, and technical questions. Some applicants report having to give a presentation on case studies. Most applicants describe the process as friendly and supportive.

Information Services Group Salary

The Information Services Group salary for positions in the consulting track is:

  • Consultant: $107,000
  • Senior Consultant: $132,000
  • Managing Consultant: $207,000
  • Principal Consultant: $227,000

The Consultant salary is fairly competitive with entry-level consultant salaries at bigger firms, which range from $100,000-115,000.

For a more detailed list of salary information for hundreds of firms, make sure you check out our 2023 Management Consulted Salary Report.


Information Services Group has a lot to offer to aspiring consultants, especially those interested in leveraging the power of technology. Working with ISG offers the opportunity to implement cutting-edge solutions to high-stakes problems as you work with leading companies all over the world. When you add in the competitive compensation ISG offers, it might be the perfect place to launch an exciting and highly impactful consulting career. If that’s something you’re interested in, consider applying to Information Services Group today.


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