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Hitachi Vantara is an information technology services and information technology consulting firm headquartered in Santa Clara, California. With over 10,000 employees worldwide, the company has a strong global presence. So what does Hitachi Vanatara actually do? The firm specializes in helping businesses of all sizes to optimize their operations and boost performance. The simplified IT solutions from Hitachi Vantara consulting help businesses to always be ahead of the curve. The company is known for scaling businesses and helping them stay up-to-date in the digital era. In this Hitachi Vanatar company profile, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Hitachi Ventara consulting and help you decide if this company is right for you.

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  1. Hitachi Vantara Key Stats
  2. Hitachi Vantara History
  3. Hitachi Vantara Careers
  4. Hitachi Vantara Internship
  5. Practice Areas
  6. Industries
  7. Hitachi Vantara Locations
  8. Career Path
  9. Exit Opportunities
  10. Notable Alumni
  11. Target Schools
  12. Diversity Programs
  13. Hitachi Vantara Work Culture
  14. Hitachi Vantara Interview Questions
  15. Hitachi Vantara Salary

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Hitachi Vantara Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Santa Clara, California
Firm Number of Employees: 10,000+
Firm Number of Locations: 21 in the US, over 85 worldwide
Hitachi Consulting Chief Executive: Hicham Abdessamad
Hitachi Consulting Revenue: $3 Billion

Hitachi Vantara History

Regarding Hitachi Vantara’s history, the company was originally founded as Hitachi Data Systems in 1989. The company merged with Hitachi Insight Group and Pentaho in 2017, creating what is now known as Hitachi Vantara. Hitachi Vantara has a wide range of services, and the consulting division grew out of a need to help clients implement its technology solutions.

Hitachi Vantara Careers

Hitachi Vantara careers offer consultants a range of experiences related to the world of IT and data services. Since the company is so expansive, consultants can dip their toes into many facets of IT.

Hitachi Vantara Internship

Hitachi Vantara internships are great options for students to gain experience in consulting. Internships are highly competitive, but if you land one, return offers are common.

Practice Areas

Hitachi Vantara consulting practice areas include multicloud acceleration solutions, Digital Strategy Advisory, IT operation and data management, AI & Insights, Application Modernization Services, IoT, cloud management, and more.


There are many industries that Hitachi Vantara pursues. These include:

    • Manufacturing
    • Government
    • Energy and Utilities
    • Transportation
    • Retail
    • Financial Services
    • Healthcare
    • Life Sciences

However, Hitachi Vantara consulting clients can be found in almost all industry segments.

Hitachi Vantara Locations

There are over 80 hitachi vantara locations worldwide. Those locations include:

North America

      • Hitachi vantara Canada
      • Hitachi vantara usa
      • Hitachi vantara santa clara
      • Hitachi vantara dallas
      • Hitachi vantara denver
      • Hitachi vantara atlanta
      • Hitachi vantara austin tx
      • Hitachi vantara boston
      • Hitachi vantara chicago

South America

      • Hitachi vantara argentina (Buenos Aires)
      • Hitachi vantara brasil (three cities)


      • Hitachi vantara china (five cities)


      • Hitachi vantara australia (five cities)


      • Hitachi vantara bangalore
      • Hitachi vantara chennai

Career Path

There is no one clear Hitachi Vantara career path. While this can intimidate some, it is an entrepreneurial opportunity to pave your own way and find a niche within the company’s vast offerings.

Exit Opportunities

As one of the leading IT Consulting firms worldwide, Hitachi Vantara offers cutting-edge experience that alumni can leverage to land jobs at other top consulting firms worldwide. With Hitachi Vantara experience under your belt, the exit opportunities are numerous. And while many leave Hitachi Vantara for other roles in consulting, leaving to work for a client is perhaps the most common exit opportunity. Of course, it’s also possible to work for a venture capital or private equity firm after spending time at Hitachi Vantara.

Notable Alumni

There are thousands of Hitachi Vantara notable alumni. Two of the more interesting include Brad Surak, CPO at Turntide Technologies and Jonathan Martin, President at WEKA. A LinkedIn search may enable you to find notable Hitachi Vantara alumni more closely associated with whatever career path you may be pursuing.

Target Schools

Since Hitachi Vantara is a global powerhouse, graduates from many schools around the world work at the company. Thus, there are no explicit Hitachi Vantara target schools,

Diversity Programs

The most notable of the Hitachi Vantara diversity programs is the Supplier Diversity Program. Qualified minorities for this program include:

    • African American
    • Asian/Pacific Islander
    • Hispanic
    • Native American
    • Asian Indian
    • Women
    • LGBTQ+
    • Disabled

Hitachi Vantara Work Culture

The Hitachi Vantara work culture is centered on creating a friendly and engaging corporate environment. Flexible working conditions with fully remote opportunities and excellent benefits facilitate a positive work culture. Interestingly, the corporate website spends substantial time discussing the firm’s commitment to social innovation (i.e., creating opportunities for underserved populations and future generations) and corporate social responsibility.

Hitachi Vantara Interview Questions

As for Hitachi Vantara interview questions and the Hitachi Vantara interview process, there are three rounds. Previous applicants report that the first round is an aptitude test with English and math questions. The second round is a group discussion with a case component. Finally, the third round is a technical interview focused on IT and data. Knowing technology and coding concepts such as String, Array, Sort, and Unix will be useful for the final round. Technical expertise on the IT area within which you will be working is at the core of the final interview round.

Hitachi Vantara Salary

With an average base pay of $80,860 for consultants with 0-1 years of experience, the Hitachi Vantara salary is competitive with other top firms, but below the average of the top 10 global consulting firms. That said, consultants can make over six figures when bonuses come into play. Check out our salaries report for more information on salaries of hundreds of top consulting firms.


With world-class consultants and an unwavering focus delivering high quality IT services, Hitachi Vantara is trusted and recommended as the go-to source for all things consulting for many top companies worldwide. It also seems to over-index in its commitment to providing solutions around our most important societal problems, like energy usage, the environment, and social equity.

So if you’re looking for a consulting career that will challenge you to be your best and offer a wide range of opportunities and work experiences, look no further than Hitachi Vantara.


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