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Fuqua School of Business
National University of Singapore

We had amazing feedback from the firms. McKinsey made more offers than last year, Bain was super pleased with the class we fielded.

Columbia Business School

This has been a record year for sure. We’ve received very appreciative feedback (and only positive feedback) of the student experiences with MC – this has been a big part of our program’s improvement for sure during my tenure.

We saw offers across all MBB’s (which we usually do well just to get 1-2) and many students with multiple offers.
For our program size, this is fantastic. Thanks so much for your help in changing these students’ lives.
Mendoza College of Business (Notre Dame)

Just a brief note to let you know how much I enjoyed the MBA Case Prep Bootcamp this past Saturday. Your team did a great job of leading and hosting the event. And I’m sure that the students got a lot of value out of the session.

It also made me realize just how much I enjoyed doing strategic consulting work over the years (in the Pharma space).

Anyway, good job all around…. so thank you both.

Ivey Business School
IU Kelley School Of Business

It has been a good season, we are 10% over last year.  Overall, we had far more total offers this year, as many students had multiple offers.

Kelley School of Business

Thank you so very much for coming to LA on Sunday to spend time with USC staff and students yesterday. Student and staff feedback has been very positive.


Our students genuinely enjoyed both sessions…appreciate you!

McCombs School of Business

Namaan, thanks again for a really great session on Saturday. I enjoyed it and I know the students did too from the feedback we’re getting. Thanks again for a really GREAT session. I learned a ton. :)

Graziadio Business School

Stephanie was WONDERFUL and my students had nothing but positive feedback about the content of the workshop. Please thank her again on behalf of myself and all of our students!

Arizona State University

Hi Namaan, thank you for the sessions. They were excellent and I have heard nothing but rave reviews.


Smoke was flying off my notebook as I was taking copious notes on your very informative presentation.

Assistant Director of Career Services, Carnegie Mellon University

Frankly, I couldn’t have imagined that our members would have gotten so much value and at the same time practical information in such a short span of time. Thank you again for the same.

Aachen Consulting Club (Germany)

We’ve had a big start to our recruiting season with 8 offers from McKinsey, 3 from Bain and 2 from BCG (that I know of so far, there could be more). Huge year for us – very exciting news. Thanks again to your team for helping our students with the prep.

Top Canadian b-school with 13 MBB offers so far
Just wanted to let you know that I received a Bain offer from this July recruiting cycle! The access to your materials that my school bought for me was absolutely instrumental in my doing well in the case interviews. The Structure Drills were probably the most helpful in my opinion.
ND undergrad who received Bain offer

We’ve already heard from a few students (unsolicited!) about how helpful the first session was.

Director of Career Services, Kogod School of Business

Thank you for coordinating another great Management Consulted workshop for UW Foster – the guidance offered throughout the session was much appreciated by our students!

Career Services, UW Foster

The hands on and instructional approach was great and connected well with our students. Stephanie gave great examples and was very encouraging and supportive, giving constructive feedback to students. Most importantly, she provided a solid action plan for the weeks/months ahead. Great representation of MC’s approach and philosophy.

Director, Career Services of top U.S. undergrad b-school
Just want to thank you and Stephanie for putting on such a wonderful presentation for our students. The content, as well as the delivery, was amazing! Students were engaged with great questions from beginning to end!
USC Marshall Career Services

Thank you again for yesterday, the feedback we’ve received thus far has been terrific!

Assistant Director of Graduate Student Affairs

Give your students a leg up in the competitive recruiting process

An on-site or virtual workshop is an interactive, immersive experience. Taught by an ex-MBB consultant and professional instructor, our workshops focus on delivering a learning environment where students learn by doing.

Specific workshops include:

  • Level 1 Case Workshop (foundational)
  • Level 2 Case Workshop (advanced)
  • Consulting Skills Workshops (i.e., Storytelling, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • And more!

Workshops are tailored to the student group (undergrad, MBA, PhD/Postdoc, etc.) and include exercises relevant to each group.

This is hands-down one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended and I’ll be using what I learned for years to come. Not only that, but the facilitation was outstanding. I will recommend this to everyone and I haven’t been able to shut up about it with colleagues and friends.”

– Ohio State University

Best-in-class training for your students

The fast-paced training, practical exercises, and expert feedback they need to succeed.

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Why Management Consulted?

Our instructors are former MBB consultants with extensive teaching experience. We lead over 200 training sessions per year and bring ourselves fully to engage each program’s participants in unique, fresh ways!

Set students up for success

Students don’t just need more resources. They need a strategic plan to prepare quickly and effectively for interviews.

Give them access to the experts – it will lead to less confusion, less frustration, and less wasted time.

Best-in-class training for your students

The fast-paced training, practical exercises, and expert feedback they need to succeed.

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