Trifecta…Now you can get The Consulting Bible 3 ways, including Kindle ebook and your own printed version!

You’ve been asking, we’ve been working, and now it’s finally here.

The Consulting Bible is now available in Kindle and in print!

Our biggest seller – The Consulting Bible – is now available as an ebook for all you Kindle owners (you know who you are) and in print for those of you hands-on learners who like to take notes on your practice cases.

That means you can now read The Consulting Bible on your Kindle, through your Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad, or as a printed copy. Cool, right?

We have to admit, it wasn’t completely our idea. We realized something as we were working on The Consulting Bible 3rd edition. Of the 3 case prep books we recommend to our clients – The Consulting Bible, Case In Point, and Case Interview Secrets – ours was the only one not available in any other format – like in Kindle or in print. Needless to say, we went straight to work to change that.

Like any great consultant team, we did our research to determine where to start. We looked at figures for iBooks usage against the Nook and Kindle markets and found that the Kindle was the smartest place to start. Don’t worry – we’ll be taking on the other platforms soon.

Buy The Consulting Bible for Kindle

Buy The Consulting Bible in Print

We’ve had amazing feedback on the 3rd edition, like this one from an MC subscriber, “Thank you so much! It’s truly great!”

And now that it’s accessible on your Kindle, through the Kindle App, and print, you can master your case prep with over 50 fit questions, 4 versatile and easy-to-use frameworks, and 16 practice cases – all in one place, + Kindle viewer images.

Before you buy, there is one thing you should know.

We offer FREE lifetime updates to MC readers who purchase The Consulting Bible ebook through our website – that means when we publish new editions, previous purchasers receive an email from us with the latest edition. We don’t have this same capability for Kindle and print purchasers, unfortunately.

For many of you, this isn’t a concern. However, we wanted to make it clear upfront.

So if I want lifetime updates, I should buy The Consulting Bible ebook on your site?

Yes! Now there are 3 ways you can buy The Consulting Bible – and all for the same price!

  1. as an ebook on our site here (with FREE lifetime updates)
  2. as a Kindle book on Amazon here
  3. as a printed version on Amazon here

Some of you have asked, will you be publishing The Consulting Bible for other platforms – like Nook and iBooks?

Absolutely. You’ll see those from us soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first to know.

Happy preparing!

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