The retail, fashion, and consumer goods industries can be notoriously competitive. Brands do everything possible to jockey for leverage as market trends and tastes inevitably shift. This is where consulting firms like Financo come into play. Financo specializes in helping top companies anticipate changes in the consumer landscape and get ahead of them.

Succeeding in the retail and consumer goods industries requires not only superior products and operations, but compelling brand identities. This is where Financo devotes a great deal of their energy. It works hand-in-hand with companies to help them use a buyer’s mindset to develop a compelling brand narrative. Some of Financo’s well known clients include Ben Sherman, Bombas, The Container Store, Eddie Bauer, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Lululemon, and more.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: New York, NY
Firm Number of Employees: 50-75
Firm Number of Locations: 3
Firm Chief Executive: John Berg
Firm Revenue: $20-40 million

Financo History

Financo history begins in 1971 with its founding by Gilbert Harrison, a graduate of the Wharton School. Before founding Financo, Harrison had worked with many top clients in the retail and consumer goods industries. By 1985, the firm had grown quickly and had already completed over 140 transactions.

In that year, Financo was acquired by the Shearson Lehman Brothers company, though Harrison reacquired Financo in 1989. In 2020, Financo was acquired by Raymond James Financial, though it still continues to operate under the Financo name.

Financo Careers

Now let’s look at everything you might want to know about Financo careers.

Financo Internship

In the past, there has been a summer Financo internship offered to college students, however it’s unclear whether this internship program is still operating. Previous Financo interns go through an interview process that’s largely similar to the process for standard full-time positions. Previous interns have been recruited through on-campus events as well as recommendations by mutual acquaintances within the intern’s professional network.

Practice Areas

The main Financo practice areas include:

    • Investment Banking
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Securities
    • Growth Capital Raising
    • Strategic Advisory
    • IPOs
    • Corporate Restructuring


The primary Financo industries include:

    • Merchandising
    • Retail
    • Consumer Goods
    • Investment Banking

Financo Locations

The following is a list of Financo locations:

    • Financo New York, NY
    • Financo Los Angeles, CA
    • Financo London, UK

Career Path

The Financo career path includes the following positions, listed from least to greatest level of seniority:

    • Associate Consultant
    • Financial Analyst
    • Senior Investment Analyst
    • Investment Banking Analyst
    • Vice President
    • Managing Director

Exit Opportunities

Previous departing employees have praised the Financo exit opportunities as numerous. Because Financo works with many top companies within their industry, departing employees are often able to move to positions within the retail industry or with other consulting firms who serve retail clients. There are of course venture capital and private equity firms with a retail focus, and these present additional exit opportunities.

Diversity Programs

There is not currently any information available about Financo diversity programs.

Financo Culture

Now let’s talk about the Financo culture. The work at Financo is described as exciting and fast-paced, with an emphasis on deal flow. Employees report being motivated by the opportunity to work with high-profile clients. There is also an emphasis on collaboration among the relatively small team. Junior employees are given a lot of responsibility, but along with that comes hands-on experience and the opportunity to build your network and skillset. The main downside previous employees report is the long and unpredictable hours.

Financo Interview

Now let’s talk about the Financo interview. The Financo interview process is typically quite efficient, taking place over 2-3 weeks and consisting of 2 rounds of interviews. The first interview is typically a basic phone screener interview, with a casual mix of behavioral and technical questions. From there, applicants proceed to a “super day” with up to four interviews with different senior employees. These interviews also involve a balance of more involved behavioral and technical questions, including asking for applicants’ input and understanding of past Financo deals. Financo interviewers also view the process as an opportunity to educate applicants about the nature of the company and its unique niche in the consulting landscape.

Financo Salary

According to former employees, the average Financo salaries are as follows:

  • Associate Consultant: $93,000
  • Financial Analyst: $105,000
  • Senior Investment Analyst: $139,000
  • Investment Banking Analyst: $169,000
  • Vice President: $242,000
  • Managing Director: $393,000

The Associate Consultant salary is impressive, though it falls short in comparison to some other top consulting firms. For instance, the Consultant salary at the Big 3 firms averages $110,000-112,000 annually.

If you want to review a more thorough listing of the salary information for hundreds of firms, be sure to visit our 2023 Salary Report.


For some aspiring consultants, a big part of the appeal isn’t only the pay and benefits, but the chance to work with recognizable brands making superior products. Financo specializes in retail, fashion, and consumer goods, and the firm works with some of the top brands on the market. If you’d like the work you do to involve brands that the people you know use and love, consider applying to Financo today.


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