EY Summer Leadership Program

EY (Ernst & Young) is one of the Big 4 consulting firms, and as such, is a highly sought after landing place by undergraduate students. If you’ve got your eye on EY, the EY summer leadership program could be a great fit for you. EY refers to its internship program as a “career incubator.” Not only does the program allow you to get a feel for life at EY, it will also help determine whether or not you would be a good fit for the organization. The summer leadership program at EY could be where you start your consulting career!

EY Summer Leadership Program

An Overview of the EY Summer Leadership Program

EY offers summer and winter internship programs. The programs offer a hands-on approach to growing as a consultant. You will receive intense in-office training, followed by real-life experience. Not to mention, you get to be part of a consulting team helping EY clients find solutions to their business problems.

You can intern within the United States or abroad. The internship ends with an annual global conference that celebrates how far you have come and where you are going in your career.

EY also offers a program called Discover EY for Hispanics, Blacks, or Native Americans. This conference brings together top talent from across the country to network with EY team members and participate in hands-on learning activities.

Discover EY focuses on Freshmen and Sophomores who are pursuing degrees in Technology, Accounting or Math, Finance, Statistics, Economics or a related subject. A bonus of being part of Discover EY is that you will be eligible to interview for an internship at EY upon completion.

You can learn more about Discover EY on EY’s website under their Career Portal.

How to Apply for EY Summer Leadership Program

Applications for the EY summer leadership program are completed in the spring of your Sophomore year. You are essentially applying for an EY internship for the year after your Junior year.

What does it take to obtain a spot in the EY summer leadership program? Expect to have to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • A 3.5 GPA to apply
  • No previous internship with EY
  • You are a sophomore, or 2nd year undergraduate student

EY summer leadership program dates vary each year. Your on-campus recruiter is a good source for next year’s dates and can help you determine how to best apply and expect to interview.

EY allows you to apply for their summer leadership program directly on the website. So, when is the best time for you to apply? You should plan to submit your application in January of your 2nd year at University.

EY does send staff to universities to interview students in person, so this might be an option for you. Otherwise, you will be interviewed virtually. Again, you can check with your on-campus recruiter for more details about this.

If you need to be interviewed virtually, be prepared for the digital interview. You will want to check your microphone and internet connection. Be sure you are clear on how to join the interview and jump on the call early so you don’t keep your interviewer waiting.

Preparing for the EY Summer Leadership Program

You will need to be prepared to submit your resume and cover letter when you apply for the EY Summer Leadership Program. Ensure your resume has action words associated with your accomplishments.

The interview questions will be both conversational in nature as well as behavioral based. Make sure to prepare for a myriad of questions. Include how you specifically have solved problems, managed yourself and contributed to a team and your specific accomplishments. Be sure to use solid examples from your past experience.

EY is looking to see if you are someone that will resonate with their clients. Are you personable and able to carry on a conversation? Do you have good interpersonal relationship skills?

Make sure you know your resume inside and out prior to your interview. Be positive and conversational, and don’t forget to get specific and provide examples to open ended questions.

How To Secure a Seat

A big part of securing an internship at EY is getting noticed during the application process. These internships are very competitive, and a strong GPA is not all that is required. Ensure your resume is succinct and highlights your specific accomplishments at university, on teams, and any work experience you have.

The EY Summer Leadership Program is intended to help you determine if a consulting career is something you want to pursue. More specifically, it is a chance for you to see if EY is a consulting firm you can see yourself joining after graduation. It is also an excellent opportunity for EY to get to know you and help you to secure a job offer at their organization after you graduate.


EY’s Summer Leadership Program is a fantastic opportunity to get your foot in the door of the consulting arena. You’ll get invaluable real-life experience working with real people. You’ll grow and be stretched in ways you didn’t expect. What’s not to be excited about?

If you’re in need of help developing your resume or need interview coaching, we are here to help. We provide both resume editing services and interview coaching. For more information, check out this link to see how we can assist you in preparing for your EY summer leadership program.

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