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Who is it for?

Aspiring consultants who aren’t Excel masters (yet).

Current consultants who aren’t Excel masters (yet).

Those who don’t know that 90% of your time in Consulting will be spent in Excel.

Aspiring consultants who want to be ready for their first presentation in front of a CEO client.

Individuals working in any professional setting who are looking to take their Executive Presentation skills to the next level.

Everyone who has a final round interview coming up and wants to prepared for a possible surprise presentation request.

How will it help?

These courses will take your PowerPoint skills from college-level to Bain-ready, and your Excel skills from being able to make a monthly budget to analyzing large data sets.

In the consulting industry, you will be working with Excel and/or PowerPoint every day, there’s no way around it; this combo will equip you with the skills necessary to truly exceed in the field.

You will learn from former Bain and McKinsey consultants on how to analyze data sets and drive key insights using Excel, and then present recommendations clearly and concisely using PowerPoint.

Upon finishing you will know how to:

Format professionally.

Present proficiently.

Analyze accurately.

Utilize all the functions, shortcuts and nuances of PowerPoint and Excel that you have only ever heard about in mystical consulting lore.

What does it include?

PowerPoint For Consulting is made up of 30 lessons consisting of:

  • PowerPoint theory
  • Communicating insights
  • PowerPoint Structure
  • Storyboarding
  • Firm Specific styles
  • A one hour Case Interview presentation
  • Downloadable final presentation
  • And so much more

Excel For Consulting is made up of 38 lessons consisting of:

  • Excel shortcuts to save you hours
  • Functions and formulas to know
  • Creating models (Market Study, Market Entry, Customer, Profit, and more!)
  • DCF
  • Screenshots of us working on both PC and Mac
  • 16 expert videos
  • Downloadable initial and final data sets

Altogether, you’ll have access to:

  • 68 Lessons
  • 30+ hours of Video content
  • And years worth of knowledge from former Bain and McKinsey consultants

Why should I get the Excel PowerPoint Combo?

If you want to step up your presentation game…

If you want to have a Consultant Level mastery of Excel…

If you don’t know how to use PowerPoint or Excel like a consultant…

These courses were designed for you!

Excel and PowerPoint for Consulting

Two of our most popular courses combined in one package! Geared toward future and current consultants, these courses will take you through the way consultants use Excel and PowerPoint, and pinpoint key models and slides you must know how to build. Downloadable cheat sheets included!