Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, but every business has one thing in common: they all need to manage their finances. As you probably know, financial management can be complex and high stakes—making the numbers work is essential to a business’s success or failure. Luckily, there are firms like EisnerAmper. EisnerAmper LLP is a financial advisory firm that offers audit, accounting, advisory, consulting, and tax services to businesses and nonprofits, as well as families and individuals.

Because every kind of enterprise requires sound financial management to thrive, EisnerAmper serves clients across virtually every industry, both in the US and around the world. If you’re an aspiring consultant, this makes EisnerAmper an excellent place to gain experience and launch your career. This is true whether you plan to continue working in financial advisory or whether you plan to branch out to other industries.

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Firm Key Stats

EisnerAmper Website: www.eisneramper.com
EisnerAmper Headquarters: New York City, NY
EisnerAmper Number of Employees: 3,000+
EisnerAmper Number of Locations: 29
EisnerAmper Chief Executive: Charles Weinstein
EisnerAmper Revenue: $400+ million

EisnerAmper History

EisnerAmper’s history begins with its founding in 1963. Throughout its history, the firm has focused on offering financial advisory services, specializing in audit, accounting, and tax. By 2020, EisnerAmper LLP had grown to a top 20 consulting firm. In 2021, EisnerAmper received a significant investment from TowerBrook Capital Partners, which EisnerAmper has used to fuel further growth and expansion. After this investment, EisnerAmper split its services into two companies, with EisnerAmper LLP focusing on attest services and Eisner Advisory Group LLP offering non-attest services. EisnerAmper has expressed a goal to grow its revenue from $400 million to $725 million in 2023.

EisnerAmper Careers

Now let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the different EisnerAmper careers. For more information, check out the EisnerAmper careers page.

EisnerAmper Internship

There are extensive EisnerAmper internship opportunities available to current students and recent graduates, with internship roles specializing in every aspect of the firm’s different financial advisory services. The EisnerAmper internship has earned a 4.8/5 star rating on Glassdoor. Recent EisnerAmper interns have praised the supportive culture and the flexibility, with remote work options available. The EisnerAmper internship comes with an average annual salary of $69,000, prorated over the time of the internship.

Practice Areas

EisnerAmper offers a comprehensive array of financial advisory services. The different EisnerAmper practice areas include:

    • Bankruptcy & Restructuring
    • Compensation Resources
    • Corporate Finance
    • EisnerAmper Digital
    • Environmental, Social, & Governance
    • Federal Government Contracting
    • Forensic, Litigation, & Valuation
    • Regulatory Risk and Compliance Solutions
    • Retirement Plan Administration & Consulting
    • Risk Advisory
    • Technical Accounting
    • Technical Accounting Advisory Services
    • Transactions
    • Wealth Management & Corporate Benefits
    • Audit & Assurance
    • Employee Benefit Plan Audit
    • Outsourced Finance & Accounting
    • Royalty Exams & Contract Compliance
    • System & Organization Controls
    • Federal Tax
    • International Tax
    • Private Client Tax
    • State & Local Tax
    • Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution
    • EA Outsourcing Solutions
    • EA RESIG – Real Estate Fund Administration
    • Family Office Solutions
    • HR Advisory and Outsourcing
    • Outsourced IT
    • Property Accounting
    • Tax Function Outsourcing


EisnerAmper services clients in a variety of industries. The primary EisnerAmper industries include:

    • Blockchain & Digital Assets
    • Financial Services
    • Franchise Services
    • Health Care
    • Insurance
    • Life Sciences
    • Manufacturing & Distribution
    • Not-for-Profit Organizations
    • Oil & Gas
    • Private Equity
    • Professional Services
    • Public Companies
    • Real Estate & Construction
    • Sports & Entertainment
    • Technology Companies
    • EisnerAmper UK Financial Services Group

EisnerAmper Locations

EisnerAmper is an extremely large firm with many locations all over the country. The following is a list of EisnerAmper locations:

    • EisnerAmper Sacramento, CA
    • EisnerAmper San Diego, CA
    • EisnerAmper San Francisco, CA
    • EisnerAmper San Mateo, CA
    • EisnerAmper Stamford, CT
    • EisnerAmper Fort Lauderdale, FL
    • EisnerAmper Fort Myers, FL
    • EisnerAmper Miami, FL
    • EisnerAmper Stuart, FL
    • EisnerAmper West Palm Beach, FL
    • EisnerAmper Baltimore, MD
    • EisnerAmper Minneapolis, MN
    • EisnerAmper Florham Park, NJ
    • EisnerAmper Iselin, NJ
    • EisnerAmper Mt. Laurel, NJ
    • EisnerAmper Princeton, NJ
    • EisnerAmper Long Island, NY
    • EisnerAmper New York City, NY
    • EisnerAmper Syosset, NY
    • EisnerAmper Charlotte, NC
    • EisnerAmper Philadelphia, PA
    • EisnerAmper Dallas, TX
    • EisnerAmper Dallas (Uptown), TX
    • EisnerAmper London, England
    • EisnerAmper Cayman Islands
    • EisnerAmper Bangalore, India
    • EisnerAmper Hyderabad, India
    • EisnerAmper Mumbai, India
    • EisnerAmper Tel Aviv, Israel

Career Path

The EisnerAmper career path is differentiated according to the different departments of Audit, Accounting, and Tax. However, the career paths parallel one another, and each can lead to senior leadership positions. Below, we’ll list the different roles within the Audit career path, in ascending order of seniority, which reflects the career paths in the Accounting and Tax departments. We’ll also list the roles for EisnerAmper consultants.

The EisnerAmper Audit career track includes:

      • Audit Associate
      • Auditor
      • Senior Auditor
      • Audit Manager
      • Senior Audit Manager

The EisnerAmper Consulting career track includes:

      • Staff Consultant
      • Associate Consultant
      • Senior Consultant
      • Senior Associate

Exit Opportunities

Every business in every industry requires sound financial management in the areas of auditing, accounting, and tax. This fact is reflected in the wide variety of industries and clients EisnerAmper serves. The EisnerAmper exit opportunities are robust. Departing employees will have gained the experience and expertise necessary to work in the audit, accounting, and tax departments of other companies. Employees may also move to author financial advisory terms specializing in audit, accounting, and tax.

Diversity Programs

EisnerAmper has a stated commitment to the values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The EisnerAmper diversity programs are driven by the Diversity and Inclusion Council, which helps implement DEI values and practices in the areas of talent acquisition, management, client experience, and more. Further, EisnerAmper offers educational programming as well as diverse Employee Resource Groups.

EisnerAmper Culture

The EisnerAmper culture is driven by an emphasis on excellence and growth. This is reflected in the various development opportunities the firm offers its employees. EisnerAmper encourages employees to pursue success as their authentic selves, and offers several Employee Resource Groups to facilitate this. EisnerAmper offers its employees flexible scheduling opportunities to support diverse employee needs. Employee reviews on Glassdoor praise the positive work-life balance.

EisnerAmper offers many benefits to promote employee well-being, including Health and Wellness programs, Family Planning resources, and In-Office Programming that focuses on education, collaboration, and relationship-building. Collaboration is encouraged, with senior leadership maintaining an open-door policy towards junior employees.

EisnerAmper Interview

If you’re interested in working for EisnerAmper, you’ll want to prepare yourself for the EisnerAmper interview.

Firm Interview Process

According to employees and applicants, the EisnerAmper interview process is quite straightforward in comparison to other top-level consulting firms. Applicants typically proceed through two rounds of interviews with senior leadership, each lasting 20-45 minutes. These interviews consist of questions regarding the applicant’s experience, strengths, and weaknesses. Most applicants report that their interviews do not include many technical questions or case questions.

EisnerAmper Salary

Of course, if you’re considering applying to EisnerAmper, one of the most important factors is the EisnerAmper salary. Below we’ve listed the average EisnerAmper salaries for the different EisnerAmper careers in the consulting track, according to Glassdoor.

  • Staff Consultant Salary: $104,000
  • Associate Consultant Salary: $117,000
  • Senior Consultant Salary: $119,000
  • Senior Associate Salary: $128,000
  • Manager Salary: $172,000
  • Senior Manager Salary: $199,000
  • Director Salary: $342,000

The EisnerAmper consultant salaries are impressive, even though they are slightly below the entry-level consultant salaries at the Big 3 firms (which range from $110,000-112,000). For a more comprehensive report on the salaries offered by hundreds of consulting firms, check out our Salary Report.


EisnerAmper is a highly influential consulting firm offering a full array of financial advisory services. With a diverse array of clients across the world, an impressive track record of growth, and excellent employee benefits, EisnerAmper would be an excellent place to work as an aspiring consultant.


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