DXC is an IT services firm working in over 70 countries to bring future-focused technology to their clients. Their goals are to modernize systems and aid innovation through business process outsourcing, security, cloud, analytics and engineering, and IT outsourcing. DXC has worked with over 240 Fortune 500 firms, and has locations around the world.

Table of Contents:

  1. Firm Key Stats
  2. DXC History
  3. DXC Careers
  4. DXC Internship
  5. Practice Areas
  6. Industries
  7. DXC Locations
  8. Exit Opportunities
  9. Target Schools
  10. Diversity Programs
  11. DXC Culture
  12. DXC Interview
  13. DXC Salary

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website: www.dxc.com
Firm Headquarters: Ashburn, VA
Firm Number of Employees: 134,000
Firm Number of Locations: 18
Firm Chief Executive: Mike Salvino
Firm Revenue: $16.27 billion

DXC History

DXC was formed through the merging of HP’s Enterprise Services branch with Computer Sciences Corporation. The firm has made a handful of acquisitions since, including Luxoft, Molina Medicaid Solutions, and Argodesign. In 2014, DXC Dandelion Program was piloted in Australia, helping individuals with autism find employment. They’ve worked in 71 countries with 240 organizations to bring this about.

DXC Careers

Careers positions with DXC vary from software engineering to program manager. Searching through DXC’s careers page is the easiest way to find current available opportunities.

DXC Internship

DXC internships generally run through the summer and have many options available as far as positions, which vary by location and particular needs of each office. Openings can be found by searching here.

Practice Areas

DXC’s practice areas are all technology and IT focused.

    • Analytics and Engineering
    • Applications
    • Cloud
    • Consulting
    • Insurance Software and BPS
    • IT Outsourcing
    • Modern Workplace
    • Security


DXC industries are widespread and varied, offering lots of options to interested applicants.

    • Aerospace and Defense
    • Automotive
    • Banking and Capital Markets
    • Consumer and Retail
    • Energy, Utilities, Oil and Gas
    • Healthcare
    • Insurance
    • Life Sciences
    • Manufacturing
    • Public Sector
    • Technology, Media and Telecommunications
    • Travel, Transportation and Hospitality

DXC Locations

The following locations are DXC’s U.S. offices but its Asia Pacific offices and job openings can be found here and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa here.

DXC has over 100 locations in multiple states. No matter where you may want to work, DXC very well may have a location there!

Exit Opportunities

IT and technology skills translate to almost all industries and fields, making exit opportunities after DXC likely to be relatively plentiful and easy to find.

Target Schools

Students at schools not mentioned here should still apply, as this list isn’t exhaustive. While a large portion of alumni from these schools have worked for DXC, it doesn’t mean the firm will only hire from these.

    • University of Madras
    • Visvesvaraya Technological University
    • Technical University of Sofia
    • Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski
    • University of National and World Economy

Diversity Programs

DXC was named the best company for global diversity in 2022, and has been awarded various other honors related to diversity and inclusion. The firm has stated it’s important to them to hire in an inclusive way that brings opportunity to underrepresented groups, and it believes that diversity is also good for business, bringing different voices and perspectives to the table.

DXC Culture

Employees seem to enjoy the flexible schedule and great coworkers, describing them as an engaging, informed group of people. Management hasn’t always won popular opinion, many employees feeling there isn’t enough communication filtering down to the teams. Decisions are sometimes made without properly informing lower managers, to the frustration of staff below them.

DXC Interview

DXC interviews are usually straightforward and simple, not attempting to trick interviewees with overly complex questions or methods. There are typically three or more rounds, with HR, various managers, and a technical round, depending on what position is being applied for.

Questions previous interviewees have been asked:

  • What are the DXC CLEAR values?
  • Mention the various data types used in the C language
  • What are the four pillars of OOP?
  • What is RTOS, and mention its types?
  • What is VPN, and mention its different types?
  • Mention the different layers of the TCP/IP model?
  • What is Network Reliability?
  • What are the various types of cloud platforms?

DXC Salary

Salaries tend to be lower than at MBB firms, but most employees have been satisfied with their compensation. The following numbers are averages, and salaries will always vary by position and office. For more comparisons, see our full salaries report detailing compensation at hundreds of firms.

  • Professional software engineer: $108,966
  • Professional business analyst: $97,647
  • IT project manager: $122,191
  • Software developer: $101,645


DXC provides IT career options in many locations, offering flexibility with schedule and office particulars. IT skills are in demand in many places, making the skills one would gain while working at DXC applicable far beyond a career with them. Every firm has internal issues, and it’s worth taking the management complaints into consideration, but the warm and encouraging atmosphere created by other employees should be seen as a large positive.


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