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Have an interview lined up with Discover? Congrats! Wondering where to start? We have you covered.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the interview process at Discover, including the typical format of the interviews, interview questions to prepare for, and guidelines to help you crush the interview and land the offer. Let’s get started.

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The Discover Interview Process

While the Discover interview process can vary between candidates and may depend on the role, it typically consists of 3 rounds.

  • Initial phone call
  • Behavioral interview
  • Case/technical interview

Throughout the Discover interview process, you will interact with employees at various levels, from HR Representatives to Associates to Directors.

It is important to keep Discover’s company culture, mission, and reputation as a leading financial services company in mind during the interview process. Doing so will help you frame your answers to questions in a way that showcases how you would be a great fit for the company and role.

Discover Interview Questions

Here are some potential Discover interview questions to prepare for:

    1. Describe a challenging client situation you’ve faced, what you did to resolve the issue, and what you learnt from that experience.
    2. Why do you want to work at Discover?
    3. Tell me about a time when you had to manage multiple priorities at the same time. How did you make sure that all the tasks were completed efficiently?
    4. How have you successfully led a team through a period of change or adversity?
    5. Tell me about a time when you had to take a moral stance on an ethical dilemma.
    6. Explain an instance where you had to make a critical decision under pressure. What was the outcome of that scenario?

The best way to respond to Discover interview questions? With a story that illustrates your skills in the context of a specific situation. Keep your stories concise (1-2 minutes) and bring the interviewer in using the tried-and-true CAR format: Context, Action, Result.

Now, let’s walk through what to expect in each portion of the Discover interview process.

Initial Discover Phone Call

The interview process at Discover kicks off with an initial phone conversation. This screening call will most likely be conducted by a HR representative, who will use the call as a way to get to know you better, provide insight into the position, and assess any red flags before inviting you to the next round.

You won’t land an offer by crushing this call, but you can get yourself knocked out of the process by bombing it, so take some time to mentally prepare.

Discover Behavioral Interview

If you pass the initial screening call, you’ll be passed on to a behavioral interview.

The main goal of behavioral interviews is for the interviewer to assess whether you would be a good cultural fit for the company. In addition, it is an opportunity for you to assess if the company culture fits into your vision for your career. It is a two way street!

The bulk of the Discover behavioral interview will revolve around your background and interests, why you want to work at Discover, and your career goals. The firm will also ask questions about what it means to you to work on a team and in a collaborative environment. Keeping your answers concise and engaging will go a long way to impressing the org – aim for 1-2 minute answers.

Remember to highlight your experiences and skills in a way that showcases the value you can bring to a role at Discover. For example, Discover is known for superior customer service, so you will want to explain how you can play to that strength.

Discover Technical Interview

Depending on the role you applied for, the interview process at Discover will include a technical interview. The interviewer will have you go through some problem solving exercises, or in the case of tech-focused roles, coding challenges.

While getting to the correct answer is great, the interviewer’s main goal is to see how you approach solving a difficult problem. Can you break it down into smaller steps and ultimately arrive at a solution? That will dictate your final score in the interview.

Like any case interview, it is more about the process than the final outcome. Stay calm, cool, and collected and you should be good to go! Remember that you have the skills to succeed, so just be yourself and go crush it!

Discover Interview Tips

The Discover website provides some tips and tricks that make for a successful interview experience.

  • “Don’t feature your skills in a vacuum” – While it is tempting to simply list off your experiences and qualifications, it is imperative that you take the time to think about how those skills are transferable to Discover. How do those experiences uniquely position you to succeed at Discover? These are great questions to ask yourself before you head into your Discover interview.
  • “Bring your whole self to the interview” – Discover is not a one-size-fits-all type of company. They embrace and celebrate individuality, and they want to see your personality shine during the interview.
  • “Be honest about mistakes” – Everyone makes mistakes, but the important thing is how you bounce back and learn from those mistakes. During the Discover interview, they want to learn about how you respond after making a mistake. Can you make the best out of a less-than-ideal situation?


Again, congrats on your Discover interview. Again, make sure you do your research on the org before heading into the interview and practice your answers to the Discover interview questions (1-2 minutes max). Wishing you the best of luck!

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