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A Deloitte career is a highly coveted one for many aspiring consultants. This is true whether you’re starting out as a recent college grad or coming in as a seasoned professional. And for understandable reasons. In choosing a Deloitte consulting career, you’re choosing a company with a stellar global reputation. Not to mention, they have unlimited job-growth opportunities and provide a project-based, team-building business model that both encourages and rewards innovation and risk-taking. Not to mention opportunities in the up and coming Deloitte Digital. In short, a career at Deloitte opens doors … and a world of possibilities.

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Life At Deloitte

What Does A Consultant At Deloitte Do?

Being an “enabler” usually has a negative connotation, as though you’re facilitating someone being less than his or her best. For a Deloitte consultant, whose main mission is to enable clients to solve their most pressing business problems or issues, it’s the polar opposite. Identifying a fresh and forward-thinking path for clients to take is “boundary crossing” in a good way. To fulfill that goal successfully on each project, a consultant will need to bring their very best people skills, sharp analytical thinking abilities, collaboration expertise and excellent business acumen. These desired qualities only come from being exposed to a wide variety of roles, industries and geographical locations.

So what does a typical day look like for a Deloitte consultant? It’s not an easy answer since no two days are alike! One day you may be conducting customer analysis to help a retail client reclaim market share in the age of the Big Shift. The next project, you could be flying high at your technology client’s glitzy international headquarters. Possibly learning how to take a “drelfie,” aka a selfie snapped by your client’s drone as part of their latest product launch. One thing is for certain—it’s never a dull day at Deloitte. That’s because each project brings new and unique challenges to meet and problems to solve. That’s what energizes most consultants—and what keeps them engaged throughout their Deloitte Career.

What To Expect When You’re Expectant – Working At Deloitte

What can you expect if you work at Deloitte? Whether you’re looking for a Deloitte student career – your first job, or a seasoned professional, expect to enjoy a gratifying Deloitte consulting career. You’ll form strategic connections with others in your field, make new friends, gain or broaden your international business experience. You will definitely sharpen your skills and enjoy a challenging and stimulating work environment. And you’ll be richly rewarded in the process.

Part of that reward comes from working for a highly respected 150-year-old company. Deloitte values initiative, problem-solving, and collaboration as well as being a responsible “think global, act local” citizen. At Deloitte, they’re all about promoting human dignity, social responsibility, and giving back to the communities they serve.

Power To The People And A Big Benefits Iceberg – A Look At Deloitte Culture, Benefits, And Reviews

Is The Culture Hierarchical Or Flat?

The world may not be flat, and the Deloitte culture isn’t either. While risk taking and innovation are encouraged, the sheer size of the firm means that hierarchy exists (and is necessary).

However, like other consulting firms, you don’t have a traditional “boss” at Deloitte. You don’t work with or for anyone who can fire you. When you choose a Deloitte Career, you’ll find yourself answering the traditional “ice-breaker” question, “For whom do you work”? with a counter question, “You mean, “With whom do I work”? At Deloitte it’s all about collaboration—along with speed, agility, and adaptability. This is a proven, results-driven approach that relies on knowledge sharing, “influence” leadership and collaboration to create forward progress.

What Are Key Benefits Of A Job At Deloitte?

Whether pursuing a Deloitte digital career, or a Deloitte consulting career, you’ll be drawn to Deloitte’s above-standard pay and a host of great benefits. This includes benefits not offered by other industry giants. Deloitte offers exceptional health and dental insurance, a wellness plan, PTO, disability (STD and LTD), life insurance and HCFSA. A Deloitte Career also gives you the opportunity to take part in a sabbatical program, parental leave, adoption benefits, and above-par training at Deloitte University outside of Dallas. And that’s just the tip of the benefits iceberg! Also, if you have the smarts but face unique challenges, keep in mind that Deloitte actively supports people with disabilities. In fact, Careers & the disABLED Magazine recently gave a Readers’ Choice award to Deloitte as being one of the top employers in the country.

What Do People Say About Working At Deloitte?

One employee, a technology consultant in Virginia, describes her relationship-building experience at Deloitte like “working at a summer camp … without the flip flops and shorts.” She clarifies this by saying; “During my Deloitte consultant career I’ve forged many lifetime bonds with teammates. Some I’ve only worked together with on one project … even vacationing with them years later, even though they had gone elsewhere. ” Another employee, a consultant out of Dallas, lauds Deloitte University as the “definitive” company-sponsored training school that has “equipped me with the skills I needed to be competitive.” A senior consultant at Deloitte Digital considers the biggest perk to be his frequent trips to “culturally vibrant” locales in the US—and beyond (not to mention racking up frequent flyer and travel points).

Deloitte is also known for its “leg up” programs for those on the margins. A Houston-based advisory and consulting manager praises Deloitte for its top-notch mentoring program for women and minorities. That program enabled her to rise in the ranks more quickly. And just about every Deloitte consultant will agree that one of the biggest attractants of a Deloitte Career is a clearly defined career path that offers a steady stream of challenging and innovative projects—with the added reward that comes with empowering others to succeed.

Deloitte Job Openings: Interview Like a Pro

As a global leader since 1850, Deloitte remains at the top of its game. So, the firm expects candidates to be at the top of theirs—no matter what skill level they come in at. Becoming familiar with the Deloitte culture as well as the case interview is key. To land that coveted Deloitte position, be it a Deloitte digital career, a Deloitte consulting position or a Deloitte student career, be confident, be prepared and hone those interview techniques! You bring the skills, the savvy and the spirit and a Deloitte Career will give you a leg up in whatever else you want to do for the rest of your career. Focus on adding value above and beyond expectations, and the sky’s the limit when you choose a Deloitte consulting career.

Deloitte Job Openings

Is Deloitte For You?

Deloitte is one of the top consulting firms in the world and a career there births a myriad of opportunities. The culture, the benefits, the reviews, all provide a foundation for one to understand if the firm would be a good fit. Yet, if you still have questions about your situation and are looking for an expert opinion, reach out to us at [email protected]. We’re happy to apply our expertise to your specific situation!

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