Dell Interview Questions

Dell interview questions are sometimes simple, but there is tough competition for spots at the company. Dell’s mission is to become the best computer company on the planet while delivering the best customer experience. It is known for having a positive company culture, and you’ll want to use our Dell interview tips to get the edge over other applicants.

The best Dell interview tips boil down to communicating that you’re the best fit for Dell. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know to prepare for your Dell interview, including the Dell case study interview and the Dell behavior interview questions. If you’re an aspiring analyst interested in working at Dell, you’ll want to keep reading.

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How To Prepare for a Dell Interview

The Dell case study interview can be more technical for some roles, while other roles focus on design thinking or sales. Trying mock interviews with someone you trust is a great way to get practice with Dell interview questions and answers. The Dell interview process is on the longer side, so you’ll want to get a full night’s sleep as well. If you’re an aspiring Dell employee, you want to continue reading and find out how to prepare for a Dell Interview.

Dell Interview Process

The Dell interview process is actually summed up in a helpful guide provided by Dell.
Dell interviews differ based on the department you hope to join and how technical the role is. Therefore, the length of the interviews varies greatly as well. The Dell interview process for a product manager, for example, usually has two stages: first, a phone interview with a hiring manager, and, second, an on-site set of interviews with skills testing. The on-site stage of the Dell interview process can include as many as five thirty-minute interviews.

Dell interview tips are plentiful, and Dell is very transparent about what they want to see and hear from interviewees. Practicing Dell interview questions and answers will help you build the confidence necessary to really listen and be present with your interviewer.

Dell Case Interview

The Dell interview process is tailored very closely to the needs of the position and the expertise required. A Dell case interview isn’t quite like a case study interview you may receive from a consulting firm. However, it has some of the same elements. During the Dell case study interview, some employees will have to program code, others will have to sell a complex idea, and others may explain the solution to a posed problem. Dell interview questions are meant to see if you’re equipped to work in your future role, but they are not intended to intimidate applicants.

Where the Dell phone interview is all about qualifications, the Dell case study interview is about showing the unique approaches and skills that you will add to the Dell community.

Dell Phone Interview

The Dell phone interview may be the first step in the Dell interview process. Treat your phone interviewer with the utmost respect, but also make a personal connection by asking them how they are and expressing how happy you are to be able to speak with them. The Dell phone interview can be easier than the latter steps, as you can read off notes about your professional experience without needing to worry about having poor eye contact.

Dell Video Interview

The Dell video interview may take the place of the Dell phone interview. It is not recorded. Before your Dell video interview, you should do these things:

    • Connect to the meeting early.
    • Do a check for sound and video.
    • Choose your background wisely.
    • Remove distractions.
    • Keep your eyes on the camera to simulate eye contact.
    • Dress business casual.
    • Check your interviewer’s time zone to greet them properly.

Dell Interview Tips

Here are some Dell interview tips that Dell has helpfully provided on their website:

  • Before your interview, you must thoroughly research Dell, and your interviewer, if you are told their name ahead of time.
  • Come prepared with a practiced pitch about why they sure hire you specifically.
  • Actively listen to your interviewer before you reply. If you need to think about an answer, collect your thoughts before you continue.
  • Some people dream of working at Dell; you need to show that you are talented and ambitious—you should get that spot because you’re perfect for it.
  • Be self-aware and open with your interviewer, and throw in a smile or two, to help you relax and look more approachable.

Dell Interview Questions

The Dell interview process can take as much as a month, so there are many potential questions that may be asked by different teams. It is essential to think about Dell interview questions and answers before the day. Here are some likely Dell interview questions:

  • What can you do for the Dell community?
  • Why did you want to join Dell, out of all the tech companies in the world?
  • Who is Dell’s current CEO?
  • Are you good at receiving constructive criticism?
  • Which is more important—features or functionality?
  • Can you share an instance where you capitalized on a market?
  • Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Dell Behavioral Interview Questions

Dell behavioral interview questions are posed to help the management team discern if you have the capabilities to succeed in the role at Dell. They are also trying to understand if you match their values, and what you see yourself doing in the future. Dell recommends the STAR approach to Dell behavioral interview questions.

Dell says to be prepared to talk about specific examples of your behavior in certain situations and specific skills you’ve developed.

It is also important to remember that Dell wants you to ask them questions too. Good things to ask about are the main challenges inherent in your future role; the company work culture; and how far you can go within the company.


Dell interview questions should be taken seriously, as Dell employees set high standards for themselves. Dell is an inclusive, forward-thinking company committed to transparency and accountability. Channel these values in your answers to Dell interview questions and you’ll likely ace the interview.


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