DaVita Interview

So you’ve decided that you are interested in a position with DaVita – what’s next? Well, after you apply and receive the interview, you likely want to start prepping for those DaVita interview questions. Don’t worry, we at Management Consulted have you covered.

How to Prepare for a DaVita Interview

The DaVita interview process will take about a week from start to finish. The team explicitly outlines on their site that you can expect to hear back whether the answer is yes or no. So where should you start?

DaVita Interview

The DaVita Interview Process

The DaVita interview will likely include an initial, one-on-one, phone screen with a recruiter or someone in the HR department. If you successfully move forward from the initial phone screen, you will move on to the next round of interviews which will likely entail a more tailored interviewer, such as someone (or a group of people) from the area in the company to which you are applying. We’ve had some clients report that they did a one-on-one interview next with a member of the team they are applying for while others have mentioned moving into a second round panel interview with up to five different people from the company. Most candidates, however, only report having two interviews (and never more than three) before ultimately receiving an offer or rejection.

DaVita Initial Phone Screen

DaVita’s initial phone screen will typically take place with a recruiter or someone from the HR department. Candidates should expect a 20 – 30 minute interview that largely focuses on culture and fit at the company. Assuming there are no issues on this call, candidates should expect an understanding of next steps coming out of this call. Some candidates noted a panel interview was next while others noted a one-on-one interview with someone from the team they are applying to as the next step in the interview process.

DaVita Panel Interview

Candidates who went through a panel interview next mentioned this including up to five people in the company. The questions mostly centered around situational questions where you apply your past experience and explain how you would handle certain situations to get desired results.

DaVita One-on-one Second Round Interviews

Following the initial phone screen, and possibly the panel interview, candidates would then expect to have a one-on-one interview with a member of the team they are applying to work with. This interview will typically last 30 minutes. The interviewer will likely want to know what you know about DaVita as well as better understand your background to make sure you are a good fit for the role. In this round, you can expect to speak with as many as 2-3 different people in a one-on-one capacity and they will typically all be peers that you will work with or future superiors that you will report to should you land the job.

DaVita Interview Tips

When conducting interviews, DaVita wants to understand three things: are you a good fit for the company, does your background align with the job they are looking to fill and do they think you will have the right soft skills to navigate the job successfully. To ensure you are prepared we recommend taking these three steps:

  1. Read about the company – you can never know too much about your future employer!
  2. Understand the culture and working dynamics of the group you are applying for – make sure you are interviewing them too!
  3. Take time to reflect on your past experiences and think hard about what you bring to the table – though you are the one interviewing, don’t ever forget that you are the asset they need!

Example DaVita Interview Questions


  • Tell me about your greatest work-related accomplishment?
  • When a major problem arises, what is your first reaction?
  • When have you been asked to perform a function or complete a task in which you had little or no experience?
  • Do you consider yourself a patient person? How do you increase your patience level in challenging situations?
  • How do you handle communicating bad news to a fellow worker or subordinate?


All in, candidates should expect a behavioral and situational interview setting when applying for DaVita. Additionally, the process from start to finish should last about a week and there will typically be two or three rounds of interviews with an offer coming shortly after. As always, we wish you the best of luck in your job prep and hope that you found this article helpful.


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