Creditntell Firm Profile

Creditntell is a full service financial consulting firm, offering an array of services to help hundreds of public and private retail companies assess and improve their financial health. Creditntell offers in-depth analysis to assist retailers in better understanding their present financial condition.

With a high amount of merchandise turnover and a volatile marketplace, it can be hard for large retailers to truly understand their present and likely future financial health. Creditntell’s services help retailers to gain a better sense of where they stand financially, so they can make better decisions going forward. If you’re an aspiring consultant interested in working directly with retailers in a variety of industries to gain a better picture regarding their financial help, Creditntell might be a great place for you to apply.

In this article, we offer all the information you’ll need to determine if a career at Creditntell is right for you.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Great Neck, NY
Firm Number of Employees: 20-25
Firm Number of Locations: 1
Firm Chief Executive: Lawrence Sarf
Firm Revenue: $7 million

Creditntell History

The Creditntell history dates back to its founding in 1999. Since that time, it has built a roster of hundreds of retail clients for which Creditntell helps to better understand their financial health. The privately held company remains headquartered in Great Neck, NY, and it’s affiliated wit Information Clearinghouse, Inc. Creditntell’s three executives have over 100 years of experience in credit insolvency management.

Creditntell Careers

Creditntell offers some highly specific financial consulting services that take a uniquely granular look at retailers’ financial situations. This makes Creditntell a uniquely appealing firm for a variety of retailers servicing many different kinds of markets. If you’re interested in working for a diverse array of retail clients and helping them better understand their financial health, you’ll want to read on, so you can learn more about Creditntell careers.

Creditntell Internship

There is not currently any information about any existing Creditntell internship programs. However, there are a few reviews from the past several years from previous interns. These reviews don’t contain much detailed information, but they are universally positive in describing their Creditntell internship experience. The reviews highlight the opportunities for growth and the supportive management. We advise continuing to check the Creditntell website to see if any internship opportunities arise in the future.

Practice Areas

The Creditntell practice areas include:

    • Financial Analysis
    • Public Company Reporting
    • Executive Portfolio Report
    • Future Outlook Analysis
    • Industry Credit Scoring Reports
    • Special Analysis
    • Quarterly Sales Reports
    • Custom Financial Reporting
    • Private Company Coverage
    • Insolvency Support Center
    • Retailer Debt Database
    • Credit Facility Focus
    • Credit Facility Database
    • Banner Database
    • Sales Per Square Foot Report
    • Store Activity & Retailer Health Analysis


The primary Creditntell industries include:

    • Apparel
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Auto Parts
    • Books/Toys/Gaming
    • Department Stores
    • Drug Retailers
    • Electronics Distributors
    • Experiential
    • Footwear
    • Furniture/Mattress
    • Grocery
    • Gyms/Fitness
    • Health/Beauty
    • Home Improvement/Building Materials
    • Housewares & Home Furnishings
    • Jewelry & Accessories
    • Mass Merchandisers
    • Movie Theaters
    • Office & Computers
    • Pet Care
    • Restaurants
    • Specialty/Other
    • Sporting Goods

Creditntell Locations

There’s only one Creditntell location, which is the company’s headquarters in Great Neck, NY.

Career Path

The Creditntell career path includes the following positions:

    • Analyst
    • Financial Analyst
    • Senior Analyst

Exit Opportunities

Retail is a very specific sector, even though it can encompass such a variety of goods and products. The specific financial complexities associated with the rapid turnover of merchandise can make assessing a retail organization’s financial situation very tricky. As a leader in this line of work, the Creditntell exit opportunities should be very rewarding. Departing employees should be well positioned to move into another position providing internal financial analysis for large retail companies, or else into other financial consulting positions focusing on the retail sector with other consulting firms.

Creditntell Culture

The Creditntell culture is universally praised by past and present employees. The culture is highlighted for the extremely friendly environment, supportive management, and excellent growth/development opportunities. Many previous employees praise the “family-like” feel of the office.

Creditntell Interview

If you’re interested in working for Creditntell, then you’ll need to make it through the Creditntell interview. Here, we’ll give you the information you need to prepare for the Creditntell interview process.

Firm Interview Process

Unfortunately, there is no publicly available information about the firm interview process at Creditntell. This is likely because Creditntell is a relatively small firm, so there are few reviews of the firm interview process posted online. However, this may mean that the company will be happy to field questions in advance regarding what you can expect from the interview. For more information about Creditntell careers and applications, click here.

Creditntell Salary

If you’re considering applying to Creditntell, then you’ll definitely want to know about the Creditntell salary.

The average Creditntell salary, according to past employees, is:

  • Analyst: $86,000
  • Financial Analyst: $91,000
  • Senior Analyst: $110,000

These figures are impressive, though they remain below the consultant salaries at many top firms. At the Big 3 firms, for example, the average starting consultant salary is $110,000-112,000.

If you’d like to access more salary information for hundreds of firms across the world, be sure to check out our 2023 Salary Report.


Creditntell provides a highly valuable and unique array of services to hundreds of retail organizations. The firm helps companies weed through the complexities of their financial operations to assess their financial health and performance, so they can both improve going forward and deal with challenges related to insolvency. With their large array of financial services, their impressive client roster, and their lauded development opportunities, Creditntell would be an excellent place for an aspiring financial consultant to jumpstart their career.


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