Consulting Resume 101 Video Overview

Ever wonder what MBB, the Big 4 firms, and other firms like Accenture or Oliver Wyman are looking for in a consulting resume?

During recruiting season, consultants review 100s of resume at a time. Because of the overwhelming size of the applicant pool, your resume has ~10 seconds to make an impression. It’s imperative you leave a memorable (and good) first impression

To help you learn how to create an outstanding resume, we’ve created a series of videos that will help by offering:

1) Understanding of the consulting resume review process — what happens to your resume after you submit it, how it is reviewed, etc. so that you become familiar with the process from a consultant insider’s point of view

2) Insight into precisely what reviewers are looking for in your consulting resume

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What is a Consulting Resume?

The 3 Types of Consulting Resume Reviews

5 Things to Highlight in a Consulting Resume

Secrets of the Team Resume Review

We hope you enjoyed the videos. If you have any questions about your resume or about anything else relating to consulting, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be glad to help :)

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