FutureBrand was founded in 1999 and headquartered in London, England as a leading creative consultancy for future brand expertise. The firm has a team of experts in strategy, design, innovation and experience, that collaborate globally to catalyze the power of brand for growth. Their method is to combine their professional expertise with clientele knowledge in order to define and connect every aspect of a brand experience. There mission and purpose is to ultimately creating the future, and this is founded on strong values that are at the heart of FutureBrand.

The firm is first and foremost creative – embracing ideas and curiosity, using analysis and insight to discover opportunity. They are also highly adaptable – their approach is flexible and values diverse ideas, opinions, skills and perspectives. Moreover they are positive – valuing truth and ideas that create affinity and advocacy. Finally, they are entrepreneurial – looking for was to take risks, and use their imagination to create tangible results.

Specialities of the firm include: Marketing, Consulting, Environments, Digital, Innovation, Brand Strategy, Semiotics, Naming, Messaging, Customer Journeys, Visual Identity, Engagement, Packaging, Brand Experience,  Brand Management, Branding, Design, and Brand Architecture


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