Consulting Bootcamps

For years, we offered insider advice through publications, services, and free website content.

In 2010, when asked to come present in person for the first time, we said YES! Since then, we have crafted a streamlined, educational forum delivered at an intense pace but with trademark humor and passion for teaching.

Our bootcamps include:

  • Full day Interview Bootcamps

  • Full day Train-the-Trainer Sessions

  • 4-day Consulting Weeks

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Why should I do a Bootcamp?

Consulting is insanely competitive, and preparation is essential. You may know consulting is your thing, or you may just want to soak up the consulting toolkit – either way, a Bootcamp offers a tremendous opportunity to learn from a world-class expert.

In an MC Bootcamp, you experience immersive learning – not reading, but speaking, not thinking, but sharing. You don’t just watch an expert – you do the work yourself.

Not only are you an active participant in multiple hours of value-packed interactive instruction, but you also receive a discount code for:

It’s a ridiculous deal, and we know that – but we love doing the Bootcamps, so it’s worth it to us!

“Thank you! This was the single most valuable day of my entire MBA.”

Our reputation is important to us, and we closely guard our secret recipe – from dynamic presenters to small, intimate classrooms to focused activation, we pay attention to every detail. Our Bootcamps are held in venues that establish an intimate, personalized environment – on your site or ours. We get to know you, the individual, so we can be sure be sure we address your specific situation – whether it’s breaking into consulting, or building your business.

Additionally, we leverage your peers, using break out sessions for practice and 360 degree learning. With power-packed lectures, 1:1 practice time, solo break-outs and hot seat group feedback sessions, the classroom comes alive.

Why Bootcamps?

Your education gives you the basic tools you need to succeed, but how do you apply your learning to the real-world scenarios you will encounter in case studies and interviews? Management Consulted bootcamps answer that question. They give you the actionable tools and strategies you need to help sharpen your abilities for consulting interviews.

While you can prepare for case interviews and studies on your own, the real progress comes with out-loud practice and expert instruction.

Management Consulted Bootcamps put you in the spotlight, just like case studies and interviews. In classrooms and most types of training, you engage in passive learning. You watching or listening to an instructor, reading material and absorbing information. With our bootcamps, you are called on to work with the material, apply what you have learned, and think on your feet.

Why Management Consulted Bootcamps?

Since not all student populations are the same, Management Consulted offers a range of solutions. We offer three types of bootcamps, including:

  • Bootcamp Lite: This option, for up to 300 students, packs a lot into an intensive two hours. In an interactive format, students learn about case frameworks, the consulting interview process, interview anatomy, case practice plans, case math, and fit interviews.
  • Case/Fit Interview and Resume/Cover Letter Bootcamp: Designed for smaller audiences of ~65 students, this bootcamp offers plenty of personalized attention. Over one or two days, students learn about consulting resumes and cover letters, the key parts of a consulting fit interview, and the key facets of consulting case interviews.
  • Ultimate Consulting Week Bootcamp: For those wanting the most intensive training, these four days fully immerse you in every aspect of case studies, consulting interviews, and everything else you need to apply. Tailor the program to your needs and get the chance to ask the questions you need answered.

Contact Management Consulted to learn more about our bootcamps and put yourself in the front row of active, intensive learning.

Who we teach:

  • Undergraduates
  • Masters Students
  • MBAs
  • Ph.D.s/Advanced Degree Candidates
  • Corporations
  • Executive Teams
  • Small Business Owners

Open Bootcamps

    Typical 1-Day Interview Bootcamp Schedule

  • Registration
  • Ultimate Networking
  • Key Fit Interview Questions
  • Hero Stories
  • Activation Lunch
  • Key case frameworks
  • Case Openings
  • Case Math + Case Creative Questions
  • Case Closings, The Ultimate Case Practice Plan, and Q&A

Who presents?

Our presenter, Jenny Rae Le Roux, is a former Bain Consultant and the Managing Director of Management Consulted. Jenny Rae coaches 600+ clients each year, honing in on stories and cracking cases to achieve competitive job offers. Bain’s #1 recruit in her class, she is now one of the world’s foremost experts in case interviews, and is known for being tough, honest, constructive, supportive, and fun.

Thousands of her clients have received offers at: McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Booz Allen Hamilton, LEK, Oliver Wyman, Monitor Deloitte, Parthenon, PwC, Strategy&, Ernst & Young, NERA Consulting, Capgemini, Accenture …and more!

Jenny Rae is a passionate presenter with rave reviews. Check out some of the testimonials from past events to see for yourself!


Our aim is to give you everything you need to succeed in interviews and on the job in consulting, but many of our previous event attendees like you have also wanted more support.

We have interview prep packages available for purchase to start personal sessions, and you can work on the sessions before or after the Bootcamp.