Consulting Bible – Step 3. Name names

Create a list of 60+ contacts


We’re on the second part of the 20-2-1 building a list of 60+ names with contact info for the 2 professionals and 1 recruiter at each of your 20 firms


It’s time to name names, as they say.


Don’t contact them yet – that’s for step 5. Step 3 is simply to explore the different networking options available and get you thinking about who would be good to talk to – consultants, recruiters, and human resources personnel.


Recruiters are dedicated to sourcing new talent on the outside, while HR personnel cover a broader set of responsibilities inside the firm – for incoming, current, and outgoing employees. While HR’s primary job may not be recruiting, they’ll know the recruiters and be tangentially involved – so they’re still a valuable resource


We’re going to focus on old fashion networking here – the art of connecting with people through personal contacts – meeting people who will put you in touch with other people who can help you with an “in” to a target firm.


We’ve taken everything we know about networking and created a 3-tier system of methods you can use to get your 60+ names


Tier 1 methods are hot leads – campus recruiters and professionals at info sessions, company presentations, and career fairs where employers are looking for eager prospects (you!). Don’t deceive yourself – this s no time to get lazy. You still have to do your homework to look great on paper, present yourself like a pro in person, and ask intelligent questions. However, the differentiator here is that these people are the doorstep, with an incentive to talk to you and show you what’s possible.


Tier 2 methods are warm leads – college alumni networks, LinkedIn connections, former colleagues, family, friends and so forth. These leads take a little a more work to navigate, but with the right approach can be extremely fruitful. With the warm leads, you have a smooth entry for your initial conversation – you can mention the name of your uncle who referred you, for example; or ask your buddy on LinkedIn to connect you with his former colleague now working at Monitor; or use our college alum database to email a fellow alum who’s worked his way up to partner at Bain

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