Cybersecurity is all the rage now, with leading Fortune 500 companies getting hacked regularly. Coalfire is a cybersecurity advisor that supports its clients in a variety of capacities, e.g., Coalfire can perform risk management activities and can assess a client for cybersecurity threats and can support risk management activities. Coalfire also helps clients develop cybersecurity programs that can support their infrastructure in the long-term. In fact, Coalfire was named to Consulting Magazine’s fastest growing company list for three years.

This article will share more about Coalfire’s history, service lines, culture, and more!

Table of Contents

  1. Coalfire Key Stats
  2. Coalfire History
  3. Coalfire Careers
  4. Coalfire Internship
  5. Practice Areas
  6. Industries
  7. Office Locations
  8. Career Path
  9. Exit Opportunities
  10. Notable Alumni
  11. Target Schools
  12. Diversity Programs
  13. Coalfire Culture
  14. Coalfire Interview
  15. Coalfire Interview Process
  16. Coalfire Salaries

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Coalfire Key Stats

Coalfire Website:
Coalfire Headquarters: Westminster, CO
Coalfire Number of Employees: ~1,000
Coalfire Number of Locations: 5-10
Coalfire Chief Executive: Tom McAndrew
Coalfire Revenue: Undisclosed

Coalfire History

Coalfire was founded over 20 years ago in 2001 and has since grown into a leader in the cybersecurity industry. Over the last 20+ years, Coalfire has developed proprietary platforms for cybersecurity, received 90+ industry certifications and accreditations, and has developed a large client base (6,000 clients).

Coalfire Careers

Coalfire careers offer a breadth of roles, yet being that they focus on cybersecurity, most of their roles are technical in nature. If you have questions about if Coalfire is a good fit for you, feel free to reach out to us.

Coalfire Internship

Coalfire has a 10-week summer internship for rising seniors that is meant to emulate a full-time job.

Practice Areas

Coalfire has five service lines:

    • Strategy, privacy, and risk, e.g., conducting a risk assessment and helping clients close gaps to improve their cybersecurity program
    • Threat and vulnerability management
    • Application security
    • Cloud security
    • Compliance


Coalfire works across industries, including:

    • Cloud service providers
    • Hospitality
    • Retail
    • Healthcare
    • Higher education
    • Hospitality
    • Financial services
    • Federal government
    • Retail
    • State and local government
    • Technology
    • Utilities

Office Locations

Coalfire has locations in the US and UK, including:

    • Westminster, Colorado
    • Atlanta, Georgia
    • Columbia, Maryland
    • Dallas, Texas
    • Denver, Colorado
    • Washington DC
    • San Antonio, Texas
    • Manchester, United Kingdom

Career Path

Unlike consulting firms like McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, Coalfire does not publicize its career paths.

Exit Opportunities

Coalfire’s exit opportunities will be in the cyber security space, given Coalfire’s niche focus.

Notable Alumni

Coalfire does not list out its notable alumni.

Target Schools

Based on LinkedIn, Coalfire’s target schools include:

    • Virginia Tech (~30 employees)
    • University of Maryland (~25 employees)
    • University of Phoenix (~25 employees)
    • Western Governors University (~20 employees)
    • George Mason University (~15 employees)

Diversity Programs

Coalfire is committed to diversity and inclusion and has several employee resource groups, e.g.,

    • Becoming (“Black Employees in Cybersecurity Obtaining Mentorship, Influence, Networking and Growth”)
    • Coalfire Veterans
    • Oasis (“Organization of Asians and Indians”)
    • Queerfire LGBTQIA+
    • RISE (“Women in Cybersecurity – Recruit, Influence, Support, Educate”)
    • Unidos (“United to Network and Influence as a Diversity Organization for Success”)
    • In addition, per its website, Coalfire has “two times the industry average of women cybersecurity consultants” (link here).

Coalfire Culture

On Glassdoor, Coalfire has 4.1 stars out of 5. The positive reviews include:

  • Strong leadership
  • Good work life balance
  • Great people

The negative reviews include:

  • Low pay
  • Limited training

Coalfire Interview

The Coalfire interview generally consists of a fit interview and can also include questions to test your passion about cybersecurity. Types of questions you may be asked include:

  • Why Coalfire?
  • Why are you looking for a new role?
  • What are the main trends in cybersecurity?
  • How do you keep up with cybersecurity trends?

Coalfire Interview Process

The Coalfire interview process consists of an “initial recruiter screen, an interview with the hiring manager, and a final interview.” For some roles, candidates must complete a writing sample or a technical assessment. For more information on Coalfire’s interview process, click here.

Coalfire Salaries

Per Glassdoor, the typical consultant salary is ~$100-110K with a range of ~$85-140K.

To see our full Consulting Salaries Report, click here.


Therefore, if you are interested in cybersecurity, Coalfire may be a good fit for you. Coalfire has been a cybersecurity SME for the last 20 years and works across all aspects of cybersecurity, including:

  • Strategy, privacy, and risk, e.g., conducting a risk assessment and helping clients close gaps to improve their cybersecurity program
  • Threat and vulnerability management
  • Application security
  • Cloud security
  • Compliance

Coalfire works across industries and has a global footprint with offices in the US and UK. In addition, Coalfire has a strong commitment to diversity with several diversity focused employee resource groups (e.g., a women in cybersecurity program).

Generally, the culture is considered a strong point of Coalfire, but the pay (~$100-110K for a consultant) is considered below industry standard. The Coalfire interview has a fit portion and may test your knowledge and passion for cybersecurity. The interview may also have a writing sample or technical assessment to get a better sense of your skillset.

Therefore, Coalfire is a great place to look into if you have a passion for cybersecurity.


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