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It would be great if business could always operate as planned: companies offer products and services, clients purchase them, and everyone walks away from the transaction satisfied. Unfortunately, in this world things inevitably go awry, presenting businesses with unexpected challenges. There is often no roadmap for how to meet those challenges. This is where firms like Claro Group come in. The Claro Group offers a combination of financial, economic, and industry-specific expertise to help companies deal with challenges involving disputes, claims, fraud investigations, litigations, and recovery.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Firm Number of Employees: 150-200
Firm Number of Locations: 4
Firm Chief Executive: John Cadarette
Firm Revenue: $20-40 million

Claro Group History

The Claro Group’s history begins with its founding in Chicago, IL in 2005. The Claro Group was founded by former “Big 5” consulting partners, and since its inception has grown to become one of the country’s most successful privately owned consulting firms specializing in financial and management consulting. The Claro Group has come to specialize in litigation, disputes, and recovery services. In 2022, Claro Group was acquired by Stout, an international investment bank and advisory firm.

Claro Group Careers

The Claro Group works with prominent public and private companies and government agencies in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Collaboration is a key value of the Claro Group. When working at the firm, they work to influence complex transactions, drive net income improvement, and enhance procurement processes. Claro Group values merit-based compensation and growth to foster career advancement. The firm seeks to redefine stewardship in consulting, developing future partners internally. The firm maintains a transparent environment, providing clear pathways for professional progress.

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Claro Group Internship

There is not currently any available information about Claro Group internships available on their website. But, it can always make sense to contact them to see what their current stance is on internships.

Practice Areas

The main Claro Group practice areas include:

    • Disputes
    • Claims
    • Specialty Claims
    • Recovery Services
    • Risk Management Consulting
    • Forensic Accounting & Technology Solutions
    • Fraud & Misconduct Investigations
    • Technology Advisory Solutions
    • Restructuring and Turnaround Services
    • Corporate Finance Advisory Services
    • Fiduciary & Trustee Services
    • Bankruptcy Litigation
    • International Arbitration
    • Valuation


The primary Claro Group industries include:

    • Accounting
    • Commodities
    • Construction
    • Economics
    • Energy
    • Environmental
    • Finance
    • Intellectual Property
    • Healthcare
    • Marketing
    • Insurance

Claro Group Locations

The following is a list of Claro Group locations:

    • Claro Group Chicago, IL
    • Claro Group Houston, TX
    • Claro Group Los Angeles, CA
    • Claro Group Washington, DC

Career Path

Within the consulting track, the Claro Group career path includes the following positions, listed from least to greatest level of seniority:

    • Consultant
    • Senior Consultant
    • Associate Director
    • Director

Exit Opportunities

Within the world of consulting and professional advisory services, the areas of disputes, claims, and recovery services are quite specialized. However, these are all issues that virtually every company faces at some point or another. Hence, developing expertise in these areas makes the Claro Group exit opportunities ripe for departing employees to find work elsewhere upon leaving the company. You could also discuss the problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills you built at Claro when interviewing for your next position.

Diversity Programs

While Claro Group does have a department for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, there is no public information about internal Claro Group diversity programs. However, the company has worked to promote DEI values. For example, in 2022, the company shifted a significant portion of its working capital to Liberty Bank and Trust, a black-owned business based in New Orleans, LA. This was highlighted as part of the Claro Group’s support for the #BankBlack and #JusticeDeposits movements, which promote supporting black-owned banks and businesses in an effort to route more working capital through black companies and communities.

Claro Group Culture

One of the primary benefits of working at Claro Group is that the Claro Group culture is highly oriented toward the development of its employees. The company’s operations promote professional development as well as regular collaboration between senior and junior employees. Further, the company emphasizes internal recruiting for its senior hiring decisions. The Claro Group culture is described as highly meritocratic, with every employee receiving transparency regarding their standing and expectations.

Claro Group Interview

If you want to land a consulting job at the Claro Group, you’ll need to proceed through the Claro Group interview. Luckily, the Claro Group interview process is described as quite friendly. Applicants typically proceed through 3-4 rounds of interviews, with some of the later interviews involving up to 6-8 Claro Group employees. The interview questions do not involve case studies, and they focus much more on behavioral fit than technical expertise. Toward the end of the interview process, the applicant is taken out for a meal with their potential future colleagues.

Claro Group Salary

According to past employees, the average Claro Group salaries within the consulting track are as follows:

  • Consultant: $129,000
  • Senior Consultant: $147,000
  • Associate Director: $194,000
  • Director: $280,000

The Claro Group salary for consultants is very impressive, even when compared to the so-called “Big 3” firms, where the average consultant salary is $110-112,000. If you want to review a more thorough listing of the salary information for hundreds of firms, be sure to visit our 2023 Salary Report.


Running a successful business requires being able to adapt to unexpected challenges when things go wrong. This doesn’t only involve a product failing to sell—many other things can go wrong. Clients can perpetrate fraud, money can get misappropriated, accidents occur, and disputes arise. If you’re interested in a consulting career that involves helping companies deal with some of the most frustrating challenges that arise when things don’t go according to plan, you should consider applying to Claro Group today.


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