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Chatham Financial is a leading independent financial risk management advisory and technology firm that has been in operation for over 30 years. Headquartered in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, the company has a long history of serving clients across a variety of sectors, including real estate, corporate finance, financial institutions, private equity, and infrastructure.

Over the years, Chatham Financial has built a reputation for providing expert advisory services in the areas of interest rate hedging, hedge accounting, derivatives compliance, and defeasance, among others. With a team of highly trained and experienced professionals, Chatham Financial is well-equipped to help clients navigate the complex world of financial risk management and make informed decisions about their financial strategies.

In addition to its advisory services, Chatham Financial also offers a range of proprietary technology solutions that help clients optimize their financial risk management processes. From proprietary models and analytics tools to a comprehensive technology platform, Chatham Financial has the resources and expertise needed to help clients make better, more informed financial decisions. Today, Chatham Financial assists over 3,000 companies from various industries in managing transaction volume totaling over $750 billion per year.

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  1. Firm Key Stats
  2. Chatham Financial History
  3. Chatham Financial Careers
  4. Chatham Financial Internship
  5. Practice Areas
  6. Industries
  7. Chatham Financial Locations
  8. Career Path
  9. Exit Opportunities
  10. Target Schools
  11. Diversity Programs
  12. Chatham Financial Culture
  13. Chatham Financial Interview
  14. Chatham Financial Salary

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.
Firm Number of Employees: 600+
Firm Number of Locations: 7
Firm Chief Executive: Matt Henry
Firm Revenue: $5-25 million

Chatham Financial History

Michael Bontrager founded Chatham Financial in 1991 in Chatham, Pennsylvania with the goal of representing the interests of end users of financial hedging and providing them with expert advice and support. He sought to create a transparent and fair environment for these clients and worked closely with them to understand their needs. Over time, the Chatham financial history expanded beyond just hedging advisory to offer a range of financial risk management solutions, including foreign exchange hedging, hedge accounting and valuation, commodities, debt management, and more. Under Bontrager’s leadership, the company also invested in regulatory practices and technology capabilities, particularly following the financial crisis of 2008. Today, Chatham is known for its innovative and purpose-driven approach to financial risk management, with a strong focus on transparency and employee culture.

Chatham Financial Careers

Chatham Financial careers offer a unique opportunity to join an innovative and purpose-driven financial risk management firm. With an extensive range of services and technology solutions, the company is well-positioned to help its clients navigate the complex world of financial risk management. At Chatham Financial, team members have a wide array of experience in derivatives markets, finance, accounting, and technology. With the ability to work in a number of different roles, from accounting analyst to application security engineer, employees can find a career that best fits their individual skills and interests. Chatham Financial prides itself on its commitment to providing an excellent employee experience, offering competitive salaries and benefits as well as opportunities for professional growth and development. See their careers page for more information and open positions.

Chatham Financial Internship

Chatham Financial’s [email protected] internship program offers students the opportunity to work on one of the company’s business, technology, or operations teams. During the internship, students will have the chance to develop their skills, build connections, and work on day-to-day tasks as well as a summer project. At the conclusion of the Chatham Financial internship, students will present their work to the company. See here for more information on Chatham Financial Internships.

Practice Areas

Chatham Financial’s practice areas include foreign exchange hedging, hedge accounting and valuation, commodities hedging, debt management, capital markets advisory, enterprise risk management, structured finance, and technology solutions. Chatham Financial has a team of experts that can provide clients with the guidance they need to make informed financial decisions.


Chatham Financial industries span a wide range of fields, including insurance, private equity, real estate, financial institutions, social housing, infrastructure, and more. The team of experts at Chatham Financial has the expertise to provide clients with tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

Chatham Financial Locations

Boasting a wide network of Chatham Financial locations across the globe, Chatham Financial is well-positioned to deliver tailored financial risk management solutions to its clients. Locations include:

    • Chatham Financial Australia
    • Chatham Financial Denver
    • Chatham Financial Krakow
    • Chatham Financial Littleton, CO
    • Chatham Financial London
    • Chatham Financial Philadelphia
    • Chatham Financial Singapore

To see all of Chatham Financial office locations, click here.

Career Path

Chatham Financial offers a variety of career paths for talented individuals. From entry-level roles to experienced positions, the Chatham financial career path is designed to help its employees grow and develop in their chosen fields. The company also provides opportunities for those looking to switch careers or industries, as well as individuals seeking internships. The company also offers competitive salaries and benefits and encourages professional development through training programs, networking events, and other activities. Chatham Financial’s leadership team is committed to helping employees reach their highest potential.

Exit Opportunities

Although Chatham has a low turnover rate, as its employees tend to stay for years, most of Chatham Financial’s exit opportunities are in S&T, treasury, and other derivative-oriented fields. The team at Chatham Financial is committed to helping employees transition into new roles. With a wide range of contacts in various industries, Chatham Financial can provide valuable insight into the current job market and assist employees in making informed decisions about their future.

Target Schools

By virtue of its locations in the United States, Chatham Financial target’s schools include the University of Colorado and the University of Pennsylvania.

Diversity Programs

Chatham Financial’s diversity programs involve collaborating with Project Destined, a social impact platform that provides entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and real estate training to students from underrepresented communities.

Chatham Financial Culture

Chatham Financial is an employee-owned company that provides view-neutral services and has no affiliation with any financial institutions. The company values its employees and has a distinct work environment that emphasizes teamwork, integrity, and hard work. Chatham Financial strives to do what is fair and just, even when no one is watching, and believes in being guided by principles rather than rules. The company has a non-hierarchical, team-oriented organization, where leadership is based on personal character and influence rather than titles or tenure. Overall, the Chatham financial culture is defined by its commitment to shared values and the common goal of delivering exceptional results for its clients.

Chatham Financial Interview

The Chatham Financial interview process may vary depending on the position and level of experience. Generally, candidates can expect to participate in a phone or video screening, followed by an on-site interview which typically involves multiple one-on-one interviews with members of the hiring team. The types of questions posed range from technical skills assessments to critical thinking questions. In some cases, a coding assessment may also be included. Furthermore, the company may use case interviews in order to test problem-solving skills and strategic thinking. The interview process is designed to test for fit with the firm’s culture as much as it is for technical knowledge and aptitude. Ultimately, Chatham Financial seeks candidates who are team players, demonstrate integrity and work hard to deliver exceptional results for their clients.

A few Chatham Financial Interview questions include:

  • What is your experience with the financial industry?
  • How would you handle a client that was extremely difficult to work with?
  • Tell me about an innovative solution you have come up with in the past.
  • Are you comfortable working on multiple projects at once?
  • Can you describe some of your personal goals for this position?

Firm Interview Process

According to some reviews, the firm interview process at Chatham Financial can be quite rigorous and may include multiple stages, such as a screening phone call, video interview, on-site interviews, and a math or critical thinking test.

Chatham Financial Salary

The average Chatham Financial salary, including base pay and bonuses, is estimated to be $121,718. Additionally, the Chatham Financial analyst salary is $93,010. These values fall only slightly below the average salaries at MBB firms. If you want to see our full salaries report of hundreds of firms, click here.


If you’re considering pursuing a consulting career, Chatham Financial should certainly be on your radar. The firm offers a unique opportunity to work in the financial industry, while still having a great work-life balance. Chatham Financial also offers competitive salaries and excellent growth opportunities. With its commitment to diversity, team-oriented environment, and strong core values, Chatham Financial is an employer that is worth considering if you want to pursue a career in consulting.


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