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PwC Case Interview Intro

Our client is T-Mobile, one of the largest US mobile carriers (but not the largest).

The company has been experiencing declining growth, particularly with respect to its competitors.

We have been brought on to develop a cost-effective growth strategy.

Overview of the Case

This case looks at a US mobile carrier that has seen growth drop off. Your client has hired you to develop a growth strategy for the company.

Apply the Market Study Framework to help structure your approach to the business problem in this case. Keep in mind to think outside the basic frameworks – PwC wants to see you bring your creativity to the table when you are building out your structure.

This is a beginner level that you would likely get in a first round PwC case interview. The case doesn’t contain any math exhibits.

PwC Case Interview Tips

PwC is looking for case interview candidates with the ability to prioritize what is most important inside the case.

As you practice this case, be sure to showcase your ability to identify key drivers that will help you solve your client’s problem.

Want to go the extra mile in your interview prep? Identify 1 area of weakness inside the case that you want to focus on as you continue your practice.

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