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Case Study Prompt

Your client is a highly profitable pharmaceutical company that has a world leading position in one therapy area (TA) and is a niche player in a non-related therapy area.

  • A therapy area is a disease area, i.e., oncology, diabetes, respiratory or pain control
  • They develop and sell prescription drugs only
  • Both TAs contribute equal to profit, but the world leading TA generates twice as much revenue as the niche TA

The company currently has annual sales growth of 8%, but the CEO has set a target annual growth rate of 12-15% – in other words, he wants to triple their revenue over next 10 years.

However, their research project pipeline is thin. The research and development organization is heavily under-spending compared to their budget (they have a budget target of around 16% of revenue, but are not using all the money allocated). Senior management has little insight in how the R&D department operates.

Their growth target is ambitious but not unrealistic (given the money they have for investments and typical industry development).

What is the client’s key issue/problem?

Case Study Overview

A successful pharma company has hired you to help them grow revenues – specifically, to triple revenue over the next 10 years. The client wants you to diagnose key issues preventing growth, and to develop a strategy the company can implement immediately.

Now you need to create your framework to help you solve the case problem. How will you organize your data buckets? You can utilize the Profitability Framework to help build the structure, but don’t limit yourself to the basic frameworks. Think outside the box!

Case study examples like this can help you prepare for case interviews. This case will help you prep for a final round interview, with a qualitative difficulty of 4/4. The case also includes several math exhibits that you will interpret.

IQVIA Interview Tips

To crush your IQVIA case interview, you will need to demonstrate an ability to convert data into actionable insights.

Make sure you ask the right questions to gather the data you need to solve the case.

In a final round case like this, focus on your communication – clear and structured – and your overall polish.

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