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Case Study Prompt

Your client is a pharmaceutical company that is ready to launch a new drug. It is a drug for severe asthma. It is essentially the same as what is in the market today, but it is stronger, faster, and can treat severe cases that are not properly treated with today’s medicine.

The drug is seen as a breakthrough. The client is planning to launch this drug in Canada. They are coming to you to determine how they should price the drug. What would you need to explore to determine a good price?

Case Study Overview

The client in this case is a pharma company that is prepping to launch a new product. You’ve been brought in to develop a pricing strategy for the product. After you understand the problem by reading through the prompt, it’s time to build a structure for the case.

The Market Study Framework marks a good starting point for your structure, but keep in mind that consulting firms don’t want to see you relying heavily on the basic case frameworks. You’ll need to combine your business experience with your structuring knowledge to build a custom structure best suited to the case.

The BCG case study is one of many consulting cases that will aid you in your case interview prep. There is 1 math exhibit in the case.

BCG Interview Tips

If you want to do well in your BCG interview, focus on what the firm values: communication and structure.

You need to demonstrate that you have a solid grasp on the fundamentals of frameworks, and that you can communicate your structure in a clear and concise manner

One extra thing for this case: after you run through the case (out-loud, preferably!), take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Then, do drill-based practice to double down on those areas. That is the way to case proficiency!

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