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Case Prompt

Our client is private equity firm considering taking private a leading manufacturer of bicycle helmets.

Should they take it private?

Case Overview

In this Bain case study, the client is a PE firm considering taking a bicycle helmet manufacturer private. Your job at the end of the day is to deliver a solid yes/no recommendation to the PE firm.

In an M&A case, pay attention to the type of buyer you’re serving – corporate or financial. They have different goals! This case involves a financial buyer.

We recommend that you use the M&A Framework to create the structure for tackling this case study problem. However, don’t limit yourself to the basic frameworks. Use your knowledge of the case frameworks to create a custom framework, picking and choosing from the different frameworks.

The case contains several math exhibits for you to interpret. With a qualitative difficulty score of 3/4, this is an advanced-level case study you would most likely be given in a Bain final round.

Bain Interview Tips

Bain wants to see how you would navigate business problems in real life. When building your structure, imagine yourself as a Manager at Bain.

Does the structure consist of work-streams that you would be comfortable assigning out to your team of analysts?

One last tip for the case: focus on your communication and polish.

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