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Case Intro

Your client manufactures feta (of course) and a variety of other cheeses from a single cheese factory in Greece. The factory buys its milk from local cows, and it distributes its cheese via distributors (50% of totalĀ  production) and company-owned trucks (the other 50% of production). The domestic cheese market is large, with slow overall growth.

However, the client is known as an innovator, and in particular, it is the leader in the fast-growing prepackaged cheese segment. Company profitability is down.

Determine the cause(s) for this decline in profitability. Identify new opportunities for growth.

Case Overview

The client in this case is a cheese manufacturer in Greece with several different product segments. Profitability as a whole is down, and you’ve been brought in to identify the cause(s) of the decline and find new growth opportunities.

In order to dig into the profitability, you should use the Profitability Framework to help solve the case. However, we recommend that you create a custom framework for the case problem by integrating your knowledge of the basic frameworks and your own business understanding.

Prepping for a final round at McKinsey? With a qualitative difficulty of 3/4, this case study will help you prepare. The case has 1 math exhibit to interpret.

Interview Tips: McKinsey

McKinsey values candidates that are structured throughout the entire process. In the case, focus on maintaining structure the entire way through the case.

For the best case interview practice, focus on your overall communication and polish. Can you imagine yourself delivering a presentation to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company?

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