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Case Preview

You’ll find great case interview math practice in this quant-heavy ZS Associates case! Dig in now.

Case Study Prompt

Your client is a Cleaning Supplies Manufacturer. They are trying to redesign their Sales Force and have approached you for advice.

Which factors would you consider?

Case Study Overview

You are being asked to advise the client on the redesign of its sales force. Your job is to dig into the profitability, run the calculations, make assumptions, and provide a strong recommendation on next steps for the client.

We recommend using the Profitability Framework to solve the case, but don’t try to force fit the business situation into the framework. Pro interviewees know how to pick and choose from the different frameworks to create a custom framework tailored to the specific situation in the case. This case study is great if you are needing case interview math practice.

This an advanced case study you may find in a ZS final round interview. The case contains several math exhibits – get your case interview math practice game on!

ZS Interview Tips

ZS is looking for candidates who have sharp analytical and quantitative skills. Brush up on your quant abilities with our free math drills.

in this case, focus on your communication (are you structured) and your overall polish (could your interviewer see you interacting with the C-suite?).

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For more case interview math practice, refer to our math drills.

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