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Free Case Interview Train the Trainer

Giving a case is a different skill than acing the case. When playing the role of the interviewer, you have very distinct goals. In this course, buckle up for a guide to how to effectively give cases and evaluate students, tailored specifically for Career Services Professionals.

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Click on a video to the right to jump right in, and scroll down after you complete a lesson to move on to the next one. Enjoy this free case interview Train the Trainer course – write us with questions, and work with us to maximize your students’ chances of success.

1. Case Interview Differences

The key case differences you must be aware of before starting to work with a student 1:1.

2. Case-Giving Basics

Managing Impostor Syndrome and keeping the 3 F’s in mind. You have only a few key jobs when working with a student 1:1 – stay focused on these, and you’ll put yourself (and your students) in a place to succeed.

3. How to Run a Case Interview Session

A step-by-step plan to give students everything they need – and nothing they don’t.

4. Case Interview Anatomy

Know each part of a case, and help students identify specific gaps.

5. Giving a Case - Market Sizing

The easiest type of case – both for you and your students? Market Sizing. If they can’t do these, they’re not ready for anything else.

6. Case Scoring Basics

Criteria to keep in mind as you direct your students.

7. MC Case Scoring Method 1 - Abbreviated

Provide structured, high-level feedback covering 3 main areas.

8. MC Scoring Method 2 - Process

Stop us if you’ve told your students this before: “It’s about the process, not the answer.” Well, you were right! Make sure their process is solid – and give them specific feedback on where to improve.

9. MC Scoring Method 3 - Content

Once students have the process down, then it’s time to score them on content. So, what should you look for? Find out!

10. Helping Students take the Next Step

Help students play to the test as they round out their prep!

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I wanted to thank you for an exciting and informative bootcamp session this past Saturday at Rockefeller University. I've attended a couple bootcamps that aim to introduce the consulting industry to prospective applicants and yours was by far the most succinct, valuable, and fun to listen to.


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