Booth Employment and Salary Report

The Booth School of Business gives students the flexibility to design their educational experience like no other leading business school does. Booth is the business school for the University of Chicago, with locations in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong. It is the only business school to have permanent campuses on three continents.

Alumni from Booth School of Business include CEOs from companies like Chevron, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Morgan Stanley, and Microsoft. James O. McKinsey, founder of McKinsey & Company is also a graduate of Booth. The school is also associated with 9 Nobel laureates in Economic Sciences, more than any other business school.

In this article, we’ll be sharing insights from Booth’s Employment Report. For more information and an overview, see our directory listing for the school.

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Booth Salary & Employment Data

Ready for an overview of the average Booth MBA salary and other data from the Booth Employment Report? We’ll cover:

  1. Popular Industries for Booth MBAs
  2. Companies Typically Hiring Booth MBAs
  3. Average Booth MBA Salary
  4. Average Booth MBA Salary by Region
  5. Booth MBA Signing Bonus
  6. Booth Employment Report

Here are the most popular Booth MBA Industries:

  • Consulting: 34.4%
  • Financial Services: 27.0%
  • Technology: 22.9%
  • Consumer Products: 4.4%
  • Education: 0.9%
  • Arts/Media/Entertainment: 0.9%
  • Energy: 1.1%
  • Environment/Natural Resources: 0.2%
  • Government – International: 0.2%
  • Healthcare: 3.3%
  • Hospitality: 0.2%
  • Law: 0.4%
  • Manufacturing/Chemicals: 0.9%
  • Real Estate: 1.5%
  • Retail: 0.7%
  • Transportation Services/Equipment: 1.1%

As you can see, the greatest number of Booth grads go into a career in Consulting, followed closely by Financial Services and Tech. Bottom line: if you want to break into a firm like McKinsey, Bain, or BCG, Booth will elevate your profile and give you a very good chance of doing so.

Companies Typically Hiring Booth MBAs

The chances of breaking into consulting as a Booth MBA graduate are good. McKinsey, BCG, and Bain are all in the top four companies hiring Booth MBAs. Together, these three companies hired 100 Booth graduates in 2021.

Here is a list of the top companies hiring Booth MBAs:

  • McKinsey & Company, Inc – 46
  • Boston Consulting Group – 36
  • Amazon – 34
  • Bain & Company, Inc. – 18
  • Credit Suisse – 10
  • Kearney – 9
  • Bank of America Corporation – 8
  • Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. – 8
  • Google – 8
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co – 8
  • PwC Strategy& – 8
  • Deloitte Consulting – 7
  • Accenture – 6
  • Morgan Stanley – 6
  • Pepsico, Inc. – 6
  • Citigroup, Inc. – 5
  • ServiceNow, Inc. – 5
  • Wayfair LLC – 5
  • Adobe, Inc – 4
  • EY-Parthenon – 4
  • Keystone Strategy, Inc. – 4
  • The Kraft Heinz Company – 4

McKinsey and BCG, not surprisingly, hire the lion’s share of Booth MBA grads. Amazon is close behind – the e-commerce giant has been hiring MBAs en masse over the past several years, and we don’t see that slowing down anytime soon.

Average Booth MBA Salary

The average Booth MBA salary was not disclosed. Instead, the employment report shared the median salary for all Booth MBAs as well as by industry. The median salary for consultants was $10,000 above the median salary overall. See our Consulting Salaries Report for data across many consulting firms.

  • Median Booth MBA Salary – $155,000
  • Median Consulting Salary – $165,000

Average Booth MBA Salary By Region

Here is the average Booth School of Business Salary by region:

United States: $158,000

    • Midwest: $158,000
    • West: $150,000
    • Northeast: $160,000
    • Southwest: $165,000
    • South: $165,000
    • Mid-Atlantic: $145,000

International: $110,000

    • Asia: $110,000
    • Latin America and the Caribbean: $110,000
    • Europe: $109,674
    • Middle East and North Africa: Insufficient data(1)
    • Canada: Insufficient data(1)

All: $155,000

Booth MBA Signing Bonus

67% of those who reported receiving an offer also reported a signing bonus. The overall median Booth MBA signing bonus was $5,000 higher than the median for consultants.

  • Median Booth MBA signing bonus: $35,000
  • Median Signing Bonus for consultants: $30,000

Booth Employment Report

Maybe it’s no surprise that McKinsey & Company is the top company hiring Booth MBAs since the firm’s founder was a graduate. Between McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, one hundred Booth MBAs were hired into consulting (and even more at firms like Kearney, Accenture, Deloitte, etc.). Consulting is the leading industry for MBAs to break into at 34.4%.

According to the Booth Employment Report, the median signing bonus for consultants was lower than the overall median. However, consulting made up for it with higher salaries.


The Booth School of Business values flexibility and a multidisciplinary approach to education. Aside from the LEAD program at the beginning of the first year, students are free to design their educational path. Booth boasts of its ability to produce graduates who are able to think analytically and strategically as well as solve problems.

If you’re considering Booth School of Business for the next step in your education, we wish you the best of luck. Learn more about Booth here (history, campus, program details, tuition cost, and more) and work with the team at MC to prepare your statement and other essays for MBA applications.


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