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For decades, Boston Consulting Group has been one of the premier names in the consulting landscape. Considered one of the “Big Three” firms alongside McKinsey and Bain, BCG has earned a stellar reputation for helping big and small clients achieve spectacular results.

While any company would likely envy BCG’s long track record of success, sometimes such a track record can become a limitation. Larger companies can become more inflated, more stuck in their ways, less agile and innovative. In an era defined by rapid technological change, remaining stuck in your ways is a death sentence. To combat this kind of stagnation, in 2022, BCG launched BCG X.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to what BCG X is. We’ll also look more closely at BCG X careers, along with internship opportunities and salary information.

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What Is BCG X?

First, even if you’re deeply familiar with BCG’s reputation as a consulting firm, you’re still probably wondering: what is BCG X?

Simply put, BCG X is a new initiative from BCG that combines the firm’s consulting expertise with tech building and design. BCG X isn’t just some small team of specialists. BCG X is a massive endeavor, employing over 3,000 tech consultants, builders, and designers.

BCG X was launched to address many unmet industry challenges that BCG identified in its recent large-scale study called “Mind the Tech Gap.” This survey of nearly 3,000 tech executives found that 94% of companies are emphasizing digital transformation as a major objective. 60% of companies plan to spend more on this objective in 2023 than 2022, even as the global economy is experiencing some contraction. Despite all this spending, however, the majority of companies fail to meet their digital transformation goals. The most common setbacks involved a lack of coordination across company vendors and partners, insufficiently customized cookie-cutter solutions, and ineffectiveness in designing and communicating the order of prioritization required to implement the necessary transformations.

After identifying the prevalence of these industry pain points, BCG decided to launch BCGX to take advantage of the unfilled niche of adequate digital transformation consulting services. The initiative strives to change the game by providing for much greater coordination between consultants on the one hand, and builders & designers on the other. This close coordination allows BCG X to more effectively identify a company’s digital transformation needs. It also enables them to provide solutions directly, rather than leaving the company to navigate those solutions on their own.

BCG’s massive investment in BCG X enables the firm to help the world’s largest companies scale up solutions to the most pressing challenges and exploit the biggest opportunities.

About BCG X Careers

Beyond simple consultants, the list of BCG X careers includes:

  • Data Scientists
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Growth Architects
  • Product Managers
  • Talent Architects
  • Venture Architects
  • Delivery Specialists

Rather than remaining siloed in different departments—as happens at many other consulting firms—all these roles work together in closely collaborative cohorts at BCG X. This enables them to maintain tight-knit coordination as they help clients design & implement solutions, as well as exploit new opportunities. The talent structure at BCG X is designed to enable teams to work on cutting-edge products, services, and businesses, all designed for maximum impact.

BCG X’s areas of specialization include:

  • AI & Software
  • Design
  • Digital Growth
  • Ventures
  • Deep Tech
  • Green Tech

One recent project involved building a “profit-for-purpose” agricultural technology ecosystem, which was designed to improve the incomes and livelihoods of small farmers. Another recent project involved working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to build a blockchain-based system for verifying the sourcing and sustainability of food production supply chains.

BCG X Internship

For aspiring consultants, there are also many BCG X internship opportunities available. These internships are structured similarly to other BCG internships. They are highly sought after due to their excellent compensation, development opportunities, and impactful work. BCG X interns work closely with full-fledged consulting teams to help provide real solutions to some of the world’s most impactful challenges. Being a BCG X intern means gaining excellent real-life consulting experience alongside the satisfaction of knowing that your work is not only exciting but also makes a difference. Serving as a BCG X intern is also an excellent opportunity for improving your odds of landing a full-time career with BCG X.

Current BCG internship opportunities include a Data Scientist intern position and a Software Engineer intern position.

BCG X Salary

While BCG X’s newness means there isn’t much publicly available salary information just yet, the info that’s already out there suggests working for BCG X is every bit as lucrative as working for other departments within BCG. According to past employees, the BCG X salary for a Full Stack Developer is $168,000 per year. The Principal Product Manager and Director of Product Management positions both offer a salary of $238,000 per year.


If you’re interested in a consulting career because you want to work at the cutting-edge of designing solutions to the world’s most important challenges, you’ll definitely want to consider a career at BCG X. BCG X is unique in bringing together business consultants, tech designers, and builders to create a kind of “super team” with the capacity to offer unprecedentedly coordinated services to companies’ digital transformation needs.


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