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BCG is one of the most prominent consulting firms on the planet and has a presence around the world via a network of 90+ offices. BCG offices are all over the world; the firm has a presence in 50+ countries. Thousands of aspiring consultants try their hand at breaking into BCG each year because of its prestigious reputation and wide array of employee benefits. However, BCG offices themselves also have a lot to do with the employee experience. If you’re interested in working for BCG, get to know the offices to make an informed decision when making your office choices in a BCG application. In this article, we break down some of the biggest and most popular BCG office locations in the US. Let’s begin.

BCG Offices

BCG Boston

The BCG Boston office is, of course, the corporate headquarters for the Boston Consulting Group. It makes sense that the company would devote extra resources to make this stand out among BCG locations. That’s exactly what BCG has done at its office in the Seaport area — an area home to other global companies like GE, Fidelity Investments, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. The BCG Boston office occupies 13 stories and over 370,000 square feet, housing over 700 employees. In addition to the stunning views of the Boston waterfront, the location also offers three levels of parking — and if you’ve ever tried to park in downtown Boston, you’ll know what a perk this is. The building also boasts a rooftop garden, retail space located on-premises, an employee fitness center, and bike storage.

BCG Chicago

Located at 225 Wacker Drive, BCG Chicago is in the heart of the Loop, Chicago’s ever-bustling center of commerce and tourism. This location in the Loop offers employees fabulous boutique shopping and world-class dining, in addition to a central spot in Chicago’s famous skyline. The Loop is highly walkable and also has an excellent train system (known locally as “the El,” for its elevated tracks). It is also near to many famous tourist attractions, such as Navy Pier and the rest of the city’s lakefront.

BCG Atlanta

The BCG Atlanta office was founded in 1995 and has worked hard to maintain a socially cohesive atmosphere since then. The office boasts an open floor plan and emphasizes natural light. In addition, it offers a diversity of work settings for both individual and team-based work. The office itself is located in the heart of Atlanta’s midtown, which offers a surprisingly low cost of living for such a global city. BCG Atlanta employees can take advantage of the area’s many pro sports teams, as well as the world’s busiest airport and the country’s largest aquarium.

BCG New York

New York City is the financial capital of the world, and BCG New York serves many major financial services clients. The firm’s location in the Big Apple at 10 Hudson Yards, the biggest private real estate development in American history, doesn’t disappoint. While not the official corporate HQ, BCG New York is the crown jewel of BCG locations. The office is spread over six floors, all of them with an entirely open floor plan, as part of an effort to encourage collaboration and connections among employees.

BCG New York offers a little bit for everyone. The office has a wide array of individual and team rooms that can be reserved for anywhere from a few hours to several weeks, some of them having a workout space. The High Line Café offers free breakfast and lunch, as well as barista-led espresso-making classes. If that’s not your thing, every other floor also offers its own kitchen and dining room. Safe to say, BCG did not skimp when investing in its New York office!

BCG Dallas

The BCG Dallas location stays true to the motto that everything is bigger in Texas. The office offers an attractive workplace in the heart of Dallas’s uptown, with two of its three floors offering terraces with fabulous views of downtown Dallas. The location itself is in close proximity to world-class restaurants, a vibrant arts district, and some of the country’s most beloved (or hated) sports teams. The office environment places a big emphasis on community, and you can bet that you’ll experience the best that southern hospitality has to offer. In addition, BCG regularly hosts family-based events for employees, and volunteer experiences that take employees into the community.

BCG San Francisco

BCG’s San Francisco operation encompasses two locations: one in the Embarcadero District in San Francisco proper, and one on the famous Castro Street in Mountain View. Both locations offer employees the chance to work hand-in-glove with dynamic companies in Silicon Valley. BCG San Francisco is also known for its collaboration with global philanthropic organizations working on public-sector assignments.

The BCG San Francisco offices prize diversity and community. The San Francisco location is also centrally located, in walking distance of such famous tourist attractions as the Ferry Building and Fisherman’s Wharf. San Francisco is many candidates’ first pick when it comes to careers at BCG, and northern California’s beauty is certainly reason enough.

BCG Seattle

The BCG Seattle location offers employees the chance to work mere steps from the Puget Sound waterfront and a view of famous Mt. Rainier. Employees here – no surprise – prize the office’s proximity to all the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The BCG Seattle office boasts 360-degree views from the building’s 54th floor. The open floor plan also contains a kitchen with an extensive craft beer selection as well as cocktail-making classes from expert mixologists. Friday happy hour after a long work week at BCG Seattle? Count us in!

BCG Houston

BCG Houston is located in the center of Houston’s downtown. Often overshadowed by the tech scenes in San Francisco and Austin, Houston itself has a powerful entrepreneurial spirit. The city is home to 26 Fortune 500 companies. Consultants at BCG Houston serve these large companies and more, with special emphasis on major players in the energy sector. The BCG Houston office is also just minutes from three major pro sports stadiums: Minute Maid Park, BBCA Compass Stadium, and the Toyota Center. Beyond just the BCG office, Houston offers a booming economy and is the fourth-largest city in the United States.

BCG Philadelphia

BCG Philadelphia is right in the middle of Philadelphia’s downtown, called Center City. For all its bustling activity, Philadelphia is a remarkably compact and walkable city. The office is surrounded by famous historical locations associated with Philadelphia. You can walk from BCG Philadelphia to the Independence Mall, home of the Liberty Bell, the New Constitution Center, and Betsy Ross’s house. With its central location on the east coast, BCG Philadelphia also offers access to 40 Fortune 500 companies located within an hour’s drive. BCG Philadelphia employees enjoy an amazingly low cost of living in comparison to their NYC colleagues.


High-profile companies are going further than ever to attract top talent. To do so, they know they have to go beyond just competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits. This expectation is reflected in BCG offices. While physical office space might look a little different than usual post-pandemic, we expect life at a BCG office to continue to be an important part of the firm’s culture.


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