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BCG Glassdoor 1 Star Reviews. Yes, they actually exist. Though most of them are laughable, they can reveal insights into the culture and even unspoken expectations at the firm. What is management like? Is the compensation fair? Is implicit gender bias a part of the culture? What is the work-life balance really like? A lot of these questions and more can at least be partially answered through these reviews. Listen as Jenny Rae, sometimes humorously, gives her take on these BCG Glassdoor 1 Star Reviews.

BCG Glassdoor 1 Star Reviews YouTube Transcription

Hi, I’m Jenny Rae Le Roux from Management Consulted, and I have found myself in a deep downward spiral of looking at BCG one star reviews on Glassdoor. Some of these for consulting firms are just the most entertaining thing you can find on the internet at the moment. And here’s what I think is so great. We’re talking about BCG by the way, and some of these have got to be my favorites, out of all the ones that I’ve ever read. The titles for these are so fantastic.

Bleak London office

The first one is, “Miserable people. Bleak London office. And, outdated.” So, I think there are so many things about that, that are fantastic. Clearly somebody who’s British. “I’ve been working at Boston Consulting Group full time. The Pros: Very good pay. Events. Nice colleagues. The US offices are much better than the London office, and I think have many more pros.” So they’re doing everything that they can to be nice. And then the Cons: “Pay isn’t actually good when we looked at the hours you have worked. Working from 8 a.m. to midnight is a 14-hour shift, which when you split up your salary becomes roughly minimum wage.” That’s a calculation, by the way, that all consultants do at some point and everybody realizes, yeah, you’re not getting pay that much per hour.

Insane Hours

Also, “Hours are insane. I haven’t been here long and I absolutely have to move soon, I’m getting sick.” So I just felt like there is some good British drama in there. This one, the title even better, playing off of the BCG Growth-Share Matrix. “The fading star becomes a dog. It’s a great place to learn about business basics. The company hasn’t kept up with changing times in the industry however. Consultants need to be very politically astute to succeed.” Absolutely true, by the way, in pretty much everywhere.

Factors of Production

And, “Senior leadership looks at employees as factors of production.” This is a consulting services firm. That’s actually how it works. Truth all around. OK, another one. So, “Too much jargon, not enough focus on people. Pros: Very smart colleagues, good pay, good brand to have on resume.” All of the amazing reasons why you should absolutely go to BCG. But then, the Cons: “Constant negative and vague feedback.” The feedback is almost always vague in consulting firms. It’s very nit-picky, but it’s also very vague because they’re trying to avoid lawsuits. In addition, “No focus on keeping top talent.” I’m not sure that that’s entirely true, I’m wondering if this person thinks that they’re top talent and they’re not. Not really sure what’s going on there. But anyhow I think that that was kind of fabulous.

Great Pay and Gender Bias?

This one, “Anonymous employee in Dallas” The Pros: “Pay is great”, by the way, mentioned pretty much everywhere. “Benefits are unheard of.” I think they mean good unheard of, not entirely clear. “Resume value is strong”, also huge value prop for going to the firm, and “Admin support is stellar.” All kind of leading to, pretty incredible place. The Cons: “Gender bias.” Another one that came up with gender bias, “Not women friendly.” Definitely something interesting and very serious. So not all of these are totally silly. But “Extreme hours.” I mean extreme is I guess by definition, it’s not banking, but they are gonna be long hours.

Internal Politics

“Internal politics.” True. “Values have drifted significantly from its roots.” Interesting. Usually happens as firms grow. “Competitive to the extreme.” Not sure what that means. “Career development is not transparent.” And, “Money is not worth the sacrifice as the job demands.” So you know, absolutely a lot of these things make sense. But again, a lot of them are just telling the truth of what’s actually happening inside the consulting firm. This BCG review I like, “Great people. Challenging environment. Super benefits.” But one-star? Um, interesting.

Beer At Work

We’ve got Pros:”Smart, amazing employees. Fun events. Beer at work.” Obviously true to our dearest hearts, that’s amazing. “Casual Fridays. Unbeatable benefits.” The Cons: this I was dying about. “No 401k match.” They said that they have amazing pay, but no 401k match. “No appreciation for working long hours.” Not really sure what that would look like, maybe like a plaque on their desk? I don’t know. Then “The CDC process is premeditated in terms of career development.” Yes. It’s organized. “No employee voice, recourse, or rebuttal.” Your voice is probably not super welcomed in the process, but again, one star even though basically they raved about BCG across the board.

Chauffeur At Work?

This one, my personal favorite, This person’s title was “The Chauffeur”, in Los Angeles, I mean anytime you’re working as a chauffeur for a firm, you give it a one star okay. Fine. Maybe everybody was really terrible but then look what they wrote. Pros: “Good place to work, I miss working there. then Cons: “No cons. Good people. Good work. I think this person got a little mixed up about what a one-star review looks like. But also, there’s a chauffeur in the LA office for BCG, can we just talk about how ridiculous that is!

Political Environment

All right, final one. “I worked at Boston Consulting Group full-time. Pros: Smart colleagues. Great perks and compensation structure.” Everyone has mentioned pay. But also Cons: “Career Development is a joke. Written feedback as well as client feedback is completely disregarded. And people’s perceptions play a bigger role in determining how far you go.” Guys, this isn’t something you actually have real data on your performance, like oh, you work more, you get more. No. This is a political environment. This is a place where people’s perceptions of you affect how quickly and how far you get promoted inside the firm.

BCG Glassdoor 1 Star Reviews Conclusion

Every single one of these one-star reviews was left after somebody was told they should do something differently. It’s just really important that you know, inside consulting firms and especially inside a place like BCG, your perception matters, and managing that is a key to success there. I hope you enjoyed these one-star BCG reviews. Go to Glassdoor, check them out. Have fun looking at them.

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