BCG Careers vs Working At Bain or McKinsey

BCG careers are distinctive vs competitors Bain and McKinsey. In this video, Jenny Rae focuses not on Bain Case Interviews like in some of our other videos, but on culture- what’s it’s like to work for Boston Consulting Group. What are the things that set BCG apart from Bain and McKinsey? What differences are there in focus? Watch Jenny Rae as she dives into how BCG careers can differ.

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BCG Careers vs Working At Bain or McKinsey Transcription:

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at Boston Consulting Group, BCG Careersor BCG – instead of at Bain, or McKinsey? You know, there aren’t a lot of people who have actually worked at all three. In fact, most people, at most, would work at two in their lifetime. And it would be a very rigorous interview process to switch between firms, because you build one kind of style. And BCG definitely has their own style.

What It’s Like To Have A BCG Career:

Number one, this is what we’ve heard from people that have come from BCG that are on our team, and also members of our community. People at BCG are nice. They genuinely care about one another. And they are very invested in the personal relationships at BCG, as well as the relationships with the clients. It creates a culture of a lot of goodwill. That’s something that’s very important to BCG, and they work to bring people on that will advance that culture, and also people that will maintain it when they’re inside the firm – it’s a really exciting part of working at BCG.

BCG Values Creativity & Innovation:

Second, BCG is a flagship of creativity and innovation. Their focus is on really advancing new content, new ideas, new approaches, new frameworks, new ways of thinking about problems. In fact, when they sell against a firm, like McKinsey, they talk about how McKinsey is too structured – too rigorous, too formal, too inside the box. And they like to think outside the box, rolling up their sleeves and working with clients.

Flexibility In Projects:

Finally, at BCG you have a lot of flexibility on the different kinds of projects that you work on. They have a lot of strategy projects. They have an increasing number of implementation projects. They have digital innovation. There’s a lot of different projects that you have the opportunity to work on at BCG. And it’s a lot that is very relationally based. In contrast to the other firms that have maybe a less relational process for staffing, if you find a couple of sponsors that do really great work, that want you to work for them, you have the opportunity to really work with them to advance inside the career.

It’s not unlike a different kind of firm, like a Deloitte. So, if you work at BCG you can expect to have a lot of goodwill – a tremendous amount of innovation and thought leadership, always pushing the envelope to do things new – and you can expect to build relationships that will really enable you to expand on the types of work that you do when you’re there.

Have You Worked At BCG?

If you’ve worked at BCG, we would love to hear stories of your time there – what you think sets BCG apart, and what you really loved about your time at BCG. We would also love – if you have not worked at BCG, but are curious about what it’s like to actually work there – we’d love to hear some more about your stories as well. Let us know your perspective on BCG careers.

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