Bainbridge Firm Profile

Bainbridge is a national management consultancy and capital advisory entity. Operating as separate companies, Bainbridge Consulting and Bainbridge Capital are independent entities. Bainbridge Inc. serves as a management consulting firm, while Bainbridge Capital, Inc. specializes in M&A advisory. Both firms adopt an unconventional approach by utilizing primary source research and cultivating relationships with industry insiders for valuable business insights.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: San Diego, California
Firm Number of Employees: 39
Firm Number of Locations: 8
Firm Chief Executive: Terry Bainbridge
Firm Revenue: $21 million

Bainbridge History

Established in 1975 in Illinois by Boulton Bainbridge Miller, the firm is now headquartered in San Diego. Its global reach spans startups to Fortune 1000 corporations across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. Functioning as a collective unit, the firm focuses on enhancing organizational efficiency, facilitating growth, and capital advisory services, introducing clients to new markets and executing public and private transactions.

Bainbridge Careers

Bainbridge states it values diversity and inclusion within its staff and strives to create an environment where everyone on the team can thrive. Glassdoor reviews largely diverge here, claiming management is dishonest in its hiring practices and makes claims to interested parties that are simply not true. Bainbridge lists its open jobs through LinkedIn. Check out the careers page for more information.

Bainbridge Internship

There’s no information published on Bainbridge’s site about internships, but there are internship reviews on Glassdoor, mostly citing positive experiences.

Practice Areas

Team members have many opportunities to explore new practice areas since Bainbridge’s range is so broad.

    • Agile
    • Business Strategy
    • Customer Intelligence
    • Data & Analytics
    • Due Diligence
    • Financial Strategy
    • Globalization
    • Market Research
    • Operations
    • Research & Development
    • Sales & MarketingTechnology


Bainbridge’s industries are varied and cover a great range, offering many options to staff with differing interests.

    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Chemicals
    • Commercial Products
    • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Education
    • Electronics
    • Financial Services
    • Food & Beverage
    • Gaming
    • Healthcare
    • Information Technology
    • Manufacturing
    • Packaging
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Software Solutions
    • Telecommunication
    • Transportation

Bainbridge Locations

Bainbridge’s offices are concentrated in California, but with a handful spread out in the northeast U.S. and abroad, the firm’s reach is extended significantly.

    • San Diego, California
    • San Francisco, California
    • Los Angeles, California
    • Boston, Massachusetts
    • New York, New York
    • London, United Kingdom
    • São Paulo, Brazil
    • Hamburg, Germany

Exit Opportunities

Having a broad range of experience across industries and services would set individuals up well to succeed in other consulting roles.

Target Schools

There’s no university which a significant number of Bainbridge employees call their alma mater, and while Bainbridge may do some campus recruiting, they haven’t published at which schools.

Diversity Programs

Bainbridge has statements about diversity online but no apparent programs or avenues through which people can engage with it.

Bainbridge Culture

Feelings on Bainbridge culture vary wildly and generally fall into two camps. The first loves their time at the firm and claims their colleagues are intelligent, there are growth opportunities, and they enjoy the work. The other side, which unfortunately seems to have greater numbers, has a very dismal report, sharing that management styles between leaders are inconsistent, it’s impossible to know what’s expected of them as employees, and the office environment is chaotic, with leaders not managing pressure from clients well. Things may vary by office and its

Bainbridge Interview

Bainbridge interviews shouldn’t present many surprises and most interviewees felt they were pretty straightforward.

Firm Interview Process

Interview processes at Bainbridge vary slightly, but generally will be about three rounds, starting with an HR assessment or behavioral round which will likely involve reviewing your resume and fit thoroughly. Some people were given online assessments to complete. Following rounds will certainly bring up technical questions and a case interview requiring a final presentation. Some applicants were asked the following questions:

    • To identify two viable investment targets within a certain industry subvertical.
    • Tell me a time where you demonstrated analytical thinking
    • What are 3 skills that you want to work on and develop during your internship?
    • Tell me about your favorite project, personal or professional?
    • What is recent news in business that you find interesting?

Bainbridge Salary

Bainbridge salaries are lower than MBB, though some consultants might reach a similar level over time. Bainbridge employs more analysts than consultants, however.

  • Business Analyst: $107,513
  • M&A Analyst: $71,586
  • Analyst: $81,293
  • Consultant: $110,299
  • Software Engineer: $120,299
  • Intern – Hourly: $45,086
  • Global Research Analyst: $91,107

Our salaries report will inform you on the salary details at hundreds of other firms.


Bainbridge has a strong enough practice and delivers pretty well for its clients, but applicants should carefully consider the culture they wish to be part of, and look into the experiences of former employees. There are always some growing pains with firms that start small, but at some point management issues cannot be overlooked. Because of the firm’s wide ranging industries, individuals may still gain skills and experience that would serve them well on their career path.


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