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Crafting a killer Bain resume is the first step to landing that coveted Bain interview invite. There is errant thinking out there that you submit a resume simply to demonstrate that you’re qualified. This is a mistaken view. You don’t wait to distinguish yourself until you get to the interview; you need to distinguish yourself immediately on your Bain resume to even have a shot at the interview.

As the consulting industry experiences a continued boom and more top talent looks to consulting as an attractive career path, the competition for each position is steep. On average, 70% of Bain applications are eliminated in the screening stage. That’s why we’re talking today about crafting a resume that will help you stand out to reviewers at Bain & Co.

Bain Resume

The Consulting Resume: How Is It Different?

Virtually every industry values prospective employees who demonstrate motivation, independence, competence, and achievement. But there are particular skills that top consulting firms look for. Bain, like other top firms, looks for candidates who demonstrate problem-solving ability, quantitative analytical skills, leadership, and general business acumen. It’s critical that your Bain and Company resume focus on these skills.

Of course, the top firms all freely admit to valuing these qualities. But what they don’t tell you is that they actually put quite a lot of stock into big, recognizable brand names. It may not be PC to admit it, but including brand names on your Bain resume will help you stand out. This can include other companies you’ve worked for or worked with. Brand names aren’t the only thing that will help you stand out – let’s dive into what else you should include on your Bain & Co resume.

What Should a Consulting Resume Include?

Beyond including any brand names you can on your Bain resume, you’ll have to sell the firm on your ability to do consulting work and fit into the fast-paced, results-oriented culture.

Bain is incredibly results-oriented, which means your Bain resume must be as well. Start with your education – mention strong test scores, a high GPA, scholarships and academic awards.

As you detail professional experience, structure your bullet points in a way that communicates the context of the situation, the specific actions you took (highlighting your transferable skills), and the corresponding results you achieved.

Finally, Bain loves a well-rounded candidate. Don’t neglect including your leadership experience – highlight experiences you weren’t paid or graded for but where you drove impact.

Bain Resume Tips

Ignore these Bain resume tips at your own peril.

  1. Five Sections Max

So you’re looking to craft a Bain associate consultant resume (or one for any other Bain role) and want to stuff it with as many details as possible? Ignore the temptation! Communicate that you know what’s important and relevant by developing a balanced resume.

We recommend organizing your resume into five sections max:
    1. Profile (only if you have 10+ years of work experience)
    2. Education
    3. Professional Experience
    4. Leadership Experience
    5. Personal
  1. Three To Five Bullet Points Per Experience

Less than 3 bullet points makes it seem like your experience wasn’t robust enough. More than 5 bullet points makes it seem like you don’t know how to be concise or recognize what’s important – both major no-nos for consultants. There can be exceptions to this rule, but for most of you, 3-5 bullet points per experience is the sweet spot.

  1. Get a Professional Review

Leverage friends, colleagues, Career Services staff, and yes, even our team here at MC to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward in the Bain application process. Don’t let a stupid grammar mistake, spelling error, or other oversight kill your chances.

Work with our expert team on a resume edit to maximize your chances of getting a Bain interview.

Bain Resume Mistakes to Avoid

These may seem self-explanatory, but you’d be wise to check twice to ensure you’re not making these mistakes.

  1. Going Longer Than 1 Page

99% of you need a 1-page resume – max. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. We know many reviewers at Bain who will automatically discard a resume that is over 1-page long without even bothering to look at anything else.

  1. Not Being Action Oriented

If your bullet points don’t include the specific impact you achieved, and how you achieved it, then you don’t yet have a winning Bain resume.

  1. Telling And Not Showing

Bain doesn’t care about your certifications, club memberships and involvement in certain activities. Consulting is all about results. Show them how your involvement in a university club led to increased membership growth, or don’t mention the club. Highlight where you’ve built financial models, don’t just simply list a financial modeling certification on your resume.

For more mistakes to avoid in your Bain & Company resume sample, see our Consulting Resume: Complete Guide.


Building a Bain resume is the first hurdle you have to clear in your quest to land a role at the prestigious consulting firm. But, it is not an insurmountable one! With the tips we’ve laid out today, you should be well on your way to landing a Bain interview.

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