Bain Internship: Types, Salary, Summer Internship, & Application Info

Bain & Company is a “sexy” name in the consulting industry – making up one-third of the “Top 3” firms along with McKinsey and BCG. However, many candidates aren’t aware of the work that goes on at a large-scale management consulting firm like Bain and what it takes to land a coveted offer. Specifically, the Bain internship programs are notoriously competitive, with acceptance rates lower than an Ivy League university.

To add to the complexity, there are a number of different internship programs offered, so it can be difficult to determine what each internship program offers and which one is best for you. This article will walk you through what internship programs Bain offers for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as what to expect in each program.

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What is a Bain Internship?

The various Bain internship programs range in length and give students a firsthand look at what it’s like to be a consultant. Depending on the type and length of the program, the work that you will do is slightly different, but all of the programs provide insight into what it’s like to work with Bain and help build skills that can be leveraged in any career path.

Bain Internship Types

Bain Associate Consultant Internship

The Bain Associate Consultant Internship targets students who are enrolled in a three or four-year undergraduate degree program and have one full summer left before graduation. This program is a unique opportunity for students to do project work at a top consulting firm — interns are staffed on a case team and work with the rest of the team to interface with clients.

Bain Summer Associate Internship

Although this internship develops similar skills and offers similar opportunities to the ACI program, the Summer Associate internship is targeted towards MBA and advanced degree candidates. Each program varies slightly by office, but all programs staff associates on a case team, giving them the opportunity to do meaningful client work.

Connecting and Resourcing Empowered Women (CREW)

This Bain sophomore internship program specifically targets female candidates. Over the course of 1.5-days, students participate in workshops, panels, and breakout sessions, giving them the opportunity to build their business skills and connect with other ambitious women. The program culminates with the opportunity to interview for an associate consultant intern position.

Building Entrepreneurial Leaders (BEL)

Another Bain sophomore internship opportunity is the BEL program, which is an opportunity for second-year students enrolled in a four-year program that identify as Black, Hispanic/Latinx, or Indigenous. The program is one week in length and gives students a crash course in what it’s like to work on a case and own a piece of work within a broader project.

Freshman Leadership Accelerator (FLA)

This Bain freshman internship program targets first-year students in the U.S. who are enrolled at a four-year program and identify as Black, Hispanic/Latinx, or Indigenous. The FLA program spans the course of 1.5-days and gives students the opportunity to work through a case simulation and tour a Bain office to get a firsthand view of what it’s like to work at Bain.

Bain Internship Salary

Bain increased salaries for 2023 start dates to keep pace with inflation and competitors across consulting, finance, and tech. As such, the entry-level base salary for an associate at the undergraduate/masters level is $112,000. With performance bonuses, signing bonuses, and other housing and relocation expenses, total compensation can rise to as much as $140,000!

For a new hire at the MBA/PhD entry level, the base salary rises to $192,000. Again, with bonuses and other benefits, total compensation can rise to ~$285,000!

See the full Management Consulted Salary Report for detailed compensation data at Bain and 90+ other firms.

Bain Internship Application

Although the application requirements differ slightly by program, all Bain internship applications require some variation of a resume, cover letter, educational information, unofficial transcript, relevant test scores (if applicable), and any additional office-specific requirements.

If you’re preparing to apply for a Bain internship, work with our expert editing team to ensure your resume and cover letter are in tip-top shape. 80% of Management Consulted editing clients receive at least one interview invite.

Bain Internship Acceptance Rate

It’s important to note that Bain internships are incredibly competitive. We say this not to scare you, but to warn you – internship applications are not practice for the “real thing.”

A Bain internship is the most straightforward path to a full time offer, so put your best foot forward the first time! Only ~1% of applicants are hired as Associate Consultant Interns. To put this in perspective – if there are 10,000 applicants for an internship, only ~100 will be hired.

Bain Internship FAQs

Do I need to have prior experience in consulting to apply for these programs?

Definitely not! One of the cool things about consulting is that you don’t need to have any industry-specific knowledge or specialty skills to apply for the job — companies like Bain are looking to hire individuals who are problem solvers and can work around various roadblocks to get to a final solution. People who work in the consulting industry come from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds.

If I’m not selected for one of these programs, can I still apply to Bain in the future?

Absolutely! It is encouraged that students stay connected with Bainees and recruiters during the application process so that they can be aware of other opportunities.

Which office should I apply to?

You should apply to an office that is located in a city that you’d be happy to live in — the office that you intern in will be the office that offers you a full-time role, if you receive an offer. That being said, certain offices are known to be slightly more competitive than others, so it’s an important factor to consider in the application process.

Do I automatically get an offer for the full-time role if I receive an internship offer?

No. While being part of any of these programs will definitely help with receiving an offer for the next logical role, it is not a guarantee that you will get a full-time offer.

What can I do to prepare for the application process?

Write a kick-ass resume & cover letter and become a case interview expert. Our Black Belt program guides you through the entire preparation process for a Bain internship.


Ultimately, an internship at Bain is not an easy thing to come by, but with the right insight, preparation, and guidance, you can tackle the application process with confidence.

If a management consulting role is your next career goal, the pain and sacrifice is worth it to secure a Bain internship!


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