Bain Acquisitions in Brazil and APAC Bolster Analytics and Procurement Capabilities

Bain & Company has kicked off 2022 with two international acquisitions: Asia-Pacific-based ArcBlue (procurement advisory) and Brazil-based Spike SpA (advanced analytics). This shows where Bain is choosing to invest and deepen its capabilities. You can expect Bain to be hiring in the areas of analytics and procurement in those regions. What do these acquisitions mean for the firm – and for you? Let’s find out.

Bain Acquisitions

Bain Acquires Two Firms


With this acquisition, Bain targets becoming the leading procurement advisor in the Asia-Pacific region. The firm was founded in Australia in 2013 and has 10 offices across APAC. ArcBlue offers a host of key services including:

    • Procurement transformation and value generation programs
    • Category management expertise
    • Social and sustainable procurement and supply chain solutions
    • Expert analytics and digital offerings
    • A proprietary digital procurement platform

Spike SpA

This acquisition brings together the business acumen of Bain and technical expertise of Spike. Be on the lookout for new opportunities to work on the Bain Advanced Analytics team (more info below). Spike will add strength to Bain’s Vector practice that includes capabilities like consumer experience, digital marketing, advanced analytics, automation, and an innovation ecosystem.

Bain is celebrating 25 years of operating in Latin America. The firm will improve the offerings of its São Paolo office with the launch of an Innovation Hub for South America complete with 150 consultants and specialists. This adds to the firm’s existing list of hubs in the U.S., Italy, England, India, and more.

Acquisitions Point to Potential Hiring Hot Spots

These two acquisitions by Bain point to potential hiring hot spots. Check out the careers page for opportunities across the firm, and for analytics roles, head to the Bain Advanced Analytics Group hiring page. Hiring across Bain was very strong in 2021 and we have every reason to believe 2022 will be similar or even stronger. Shore up your resume/CV before applying to ensure you put your best foot forward in applications!


These acquisitions make today an even better time to apply to Bain, specifically in Asia-Pacific and Brazil. Not sure if your resume conveys your experience in a way that will appeal to Bain? Work with MC on resume/cover letter edits to give yourself the best shot of landing a Bain offer.


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