Bain Expands “Bain Academy” with New Women Executive Program

Bain is rolling out a new 3-month program for female managers, starting in Asia, to help develop the next generation of women leaders. One goal of the program is to reduce the gender gap in management at the firm, especially in Asia-Pacific. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Bain Academy

What is the “Rising Women Leaders” Program?

The “Rising Women Leaders” Program is a part of Bain Academy – the training arm of the firm that serves clients and employees. The program blends live virtual sessions and digital learning engagements delivered by Bain Partners and Consultants.

The firm is running a pilot initiative in Asia from September to December 2021. After the trial period, the program will expand to additional markets. This program comes at a critical time for the advancement of gender parity in Asia. According to ILOTSTAT data, only 20% of managerial positions in Asia are held by women. This number represents an increase over rates two decades ago but lags behind other markets.

Bain Academy has trained over 5,000 participants globally and partnered with 400 clients. Topics range from inspirational leadership to zero-based budgeting. The Academy emphasizes equipping participants with the skills needed to put learning into action.

Bain Doing Its Part to Reduce Management Gender Gap

Bain is doing its part to reduce the management gender gap – in more ways than one. The firm conducts research on gender parity and best practices for women’s career advancement. In addition, the firm helps clients implement gender parity initiatives. As one of the most influential organizations in the world, the firm’s work is not going unnoticed – and is making a real difference.


If you are looking for a consulting firm that promotes management opportunities for women, Bain is an incredible choice. The firm is a top organization for a myriad of reasons, but this alone may place it at the top of the list for you.


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