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BAE Systems is a highly regarded aerospace, security, and arms company based in the United Kingdom. It has global reach, many locations, and diverse areas of practice. The appeal for many applicants lies in these factors as well as a positively-reviewed company culture and a healthy career growth trajectory.

Table of Contents:

  1. Firm Key Stats
  2. BAE Systems History
  3. BAE Systems Careers
  4. Practice Areas
  5. Industries
  6. BAE Systems Locations
  7. BAE Systems Internship
  8. Target Schools
  9. Diversity Programs
  10. Exit Opportunities
  11. BAE Systems Culture
  12. BAE Systems Interview
  13. BAE Systems Salary

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Farnborough, United Kingdom
Firm Number of Employees: 89,600
Firm Number of Locations: 40 countries
Firm Chief Executive: Charles Woodburn
Firm Revenue: $21.8 billion

BAE Systems History

BAE Systems was created through a merger when British Aerospace bought Marconi Electronic Systems in 1999. British Aerospace and Marconi Electric had prior histories in defense aircraft, electronics, and warship manufacturing, and military systems integration, respectively. Marconi’s founding dates back to 1897 and British Aerospace’s to 1977. In the late 90s, several major American defense corporations merged, putting pressure on Europe to consolidate its defense resources as well. BAE Systems expanded outside of Europe, however, and now has extensive influence on several continents.

BAE Systems Careers

Careers with BAE Systems offer a notably impressive amount of flexibility, variety of options, and upward mobility potential. Applicants will be delighted with the creative range of position options available and most former and current employees are satisfied with the training and support they receive in relation to future career goals. To see open positions, check out BAE Systems career page here.

Practice Areas

As you can see below, their practice areas are plentiful. There are further specific practices in each area, but the following are a few which are unique to their category to pique your interest:

    • Future Technologies
      • Electronic warfare
      • Future combat air systems
    • Air
      • Aircraft
      • Future combat air systems
      • Testing
    • Land
      • Ground vehicles
      • Optical display and targeting
      • Maintenance, repair, and upgrade
    • Cyber Security & Intelligence
      • Communications service providers: compliance and security
      • Cyber security services
      • Digital and data services
      • AML regulatory compliance
    • Electronics
      • Optical display and targeting
      • Avionics
      • Simulators and synthetic environments
      • Surveillance
      • Space systems
      • Sensor systems
    • Services
      • Fraud detection and prevention
      • Systems integration
    • Sea
      • Communication and control
      • Submarines
      • Amphibious vehicles
    • Digital Intelligence
      • Financial Services
      • Government


    • Defense
    • Space
    • Transport
    • Government
    • Telecommunication
    • Financial services
    • Critical national infrastructure
    • National security and law enforcement

BAE Systems Locations

BAE Systems has 89,600 employees working in 40 countries around the world. Its 210 locations are spread across several continents and there are a high concentration of offices in the United Kingdom and the U.S.

BAE Systems Internship

BAE Systems offers apprenticeships for students in software engineering, project management, and DevOps (a combination of development through engineering, operations, and quality assurance), as well as 12 week summer internships.

Another opportunity is industrial placements for students still in their undergrad. These are 12 month hands-on stints of work in a field of your choice. Options range from cyber security to supply chain.

The firm also has accelerated programs which are opportunities for graduates that are designed to move them along the career path quickly through intensive training and a supportive culture. The options are incredibly diverse, ranging from aircraft maintenance to data consultant to product safety engineer. For more information see their internships page here.

Target Schools

    • University of Central Lancashire
    • Lancaster University
    • University of Portsmouth
    • The Open University
    • University of Massechusetts Lowell
    • Southern New Hampshire University
    • Loughborough University
    • University of Strathclyde

Diversity Programs

BAE Systems has a diversity goal of having a 50% female executive committee and 30% female workforce by 2030. Its Gender Equality Network (GEN) is a forum that facilitates discussion about gender equality in the workplace. It is also a partner in the Women in Defence Charter in the UK.

Exit Opportunities

Because BAE Systems practice areas vary so widely, the skills you develop there leading to exit opportunities will depend on where you land. Any position in engineering will provide you with valuable immersive experience working with governmental agencies, leading financial institutions, and other security firms. Other positions would equally prepare one for related fields, and the exit opportunities are plentiful for those leaving the firm.

BAE Systems Culture

Previous employees share about culture at BAE Systems positively, citing good growth opportunities, collaborative management, and well established workflow systems. The latter can also be a crutch, as some people have been with the company so long that occasionally habit becomes a bit of a roadblock in the way of trying new practices, but it doesn’t seem to come up too often. Management is generally flexible with schedules, including remote options.

BAE Systems Interview

Interviews with BAE Systems are standard, typically involving two to three rounds including behavioral and technical questions. They tend to be on the relaxed and friendly side as far as interview tone, and allow plenty of time for questions from applicants.

BAE Systems Salary

Salaries will always vary depending on location and details of a particular role but these estimates can be helpful.

  • Software engineer: $112,863
  • Manager: $185,052
  • Systems engineer: $126,570
  • Electronics technician: $75,345

The salary of an entry role at BAE Systems compared to an entry role at an MBB firm is a little less. You can see the full comparison of consulting firm salaries here.


BAE Systems provides excellent opportunities for those in every stage of school or career in a variety of locations. It brings diverse, energizing work with great potential for upward mobility and the skills training that can be useful for years to come. If you’re interested in applying to BAE Systems, contact us. We’ll help you talk through how best to prepare!


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