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Arup Group is a British professional services firm that works in every part of the “built environment,” including engineering, architecture, advisory, and planning. They’ve worked in over 160 countries and have been recognized as a top place of employment for innovators. The firm focuses strongly on engineering with a strategic eye on climate friendly projects, such as designing the proposal for Italy’s first carbon-neutral affordable housing development.

Table of Contents

  1. Arup Key Stats
  2. Arup History
  3. Arup Careers
  4. Arup Internship
  5. Practice Areas
  6. Industries
  7. Arup Office Locations
  8. Career Path
  9. Exit Opportunities
  10. Target Schools
  11. Diversity Programs
  12. Arup Culture
  13. Arup Interview
  14. Arup Salaries

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Arup Key Stats

Arup Website:
Arup Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Arup Number of Employees: 15,940
Arup Number of Locations: 90+
Arup Chief Executive: Alan Belfield
Arup Revenue: $1.9 billion

Arup History

Arup Group was founded by Sir Ove Arup in 1946, and quickly gained a reputation for competently designed spaces and buildings. Its projects were conscious of their surroundings and more holistically motivated because of the firm’s collaboration between groups of experts in diverse but relevant fields. In its early years, Sir Ove Arup worked as the lead engineer on the Sydney Opera House, lending immense recognition and credibility to the firm. Arup’s ownership is structured as a trust, with employees, past and present, as the beneficiaries, receiving a portion of its yearly profits.

Sir Ove Arup notably gave a speech in 1970 known as the “Key Speech” that aimed to identify, clarify, and make actionable the firm’s core values. The speech outlines the future he hoped to create through Arup’s work, one of human, honorable professional interactions which cared for the employees’ as well clients’ best interests.

Arup Careers

Employees at Arup work in 120 varying disciplines from circular economy advising and mechanical engineering to digital design and landscape architecture, with dozens of smaller specific fields in between.

Arup Internship

Internships for current students as well as graduates are offered by Arup Group. There are opportunities across the world, but in the US, for example, Arup offers paid summer internships in each of their 14 offices around the Americas. Interns work on real projects with experienced members of the team, as well as integrate into the social and local networks. Arup looks for students with high GPAs, a minimum of two completed upper division classes in a related discipline, and prefers candidates with prior experience. Full time offers often come to interns who impress management, so it’s a good idea to keep the future in mind. At Arup firms in Hong Kong, students can apply for two month summer vacation placements, mid-degree positions, or one to two week opportunities for engineering students.

Practice Areas

Their practice areas are divided into the following six categories, but each broad heading here has many distinctive disciplines within it.

    • Advisory Services
    • Buildings
    • Digital
    • Infrastructure
    • Planning
    • Technical Consulting


    • Active travel
    • Commercial property
    • Highways
    • Residential property
    • Advanced manufacturing
    • Data centers and technology
    • Hotels and leisure
    • Retail
    • Arts and culture
    • Education
    • International development
    • Scientific research facilities
    • Aviation
    • Energy
    • Maritime
    • Sport
    • Cities
    • Healthcare
    • Rail
    • Water

Arup Office Locations

Arup has offices in the following countries, which can be explored here:

    • Australia
    • Brunei
    • Cambodia
    • Canada
    • Colombia
    • Denmark
    • Germany
    • Greater China
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • Japan
    • Malaysia
    • Mauritius
    • Netherlands
    • New Zealand
    • Nigeria
    • Philippines
    • Poland
    • Sabah
    • Serbia
    • Singapore
    • South Africa
    • South Korea
    • Spain
    • Thailand
    • Turkey
    • United Arab Emirates
    • United Kingdom
    • United States of America
    • Vietnam
    • Zimbabwe

Career Path

The career path at Arup has potential, and has seen some employees move upward internally, but many also experienced uncertainty around career progression and said they didn’t feel a very clear path had been offered when it came to moving up.

Exit Opportunities

Because of its solid reputation and myriad of practice areas, Arup could be a great place to jump off from when you decide it’s time for something new. Engineers at Arup are highly regarded, and could expect a pleasant welcome at many related positions elsewhere

Target Schools

Since Arup is based in London, and the largest concentration of offices lies there and in the surrounding area, most of the schools that funnel employees toward them are also in the UK.

    • Imperial College London
    • University of Leeds
    • University of Cambridge
    • UCL
    • University of Sheffield

Diversity Programs

While Arup claims a commitment to inclusion and diversity, it doesn’t have specific plans for recruiting or programs which target underrepresented or minority groups.

Arup Culture

The consensus on the temperature of Arup’s work culture is mixed. Many employees have been very satisfied with their colleagues, the balance of work and personal life, and management. Another group, however, has many negative things to say about its leadership style and culture.

Arup is environmentally conscious, however, and was recognized this year as the first firm of its kind to become a verifier of green bonds, which can only be used to fund projects which are environmentally friendly. It is also a member of CEO Climate Leaders, and its CEO Alan Belfield was a signatory on a recent open letter to world leaders written by the Climate Leaders organization.

Arup Interview

The interview process with Arup can be somewhat of a mixed bag, with some applicants sharing about pleasant experiences while others citing unprofessionalism. It’s recommended that you read up on Arup’s history and practices in some detail before the interview so that you’re able to answer questions specifically about why they are the best fit for you.

Design-based positions will generally be given technical interviews to showcase their knowledge in a particular skill, and there are usually rounds with HR and someone from management who will likely go over behavioral questions.

Arup Salaries

Some previous employees expressed that starting salaries were often lower than competitors’, but this varies depending on location and position.

  • Mechanical engineer: $117,090
  • Structural engineer: $101,436
  • Senior consultant: $129,120
  • Associate: $89,929

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Arup Group is a well established firm which offers wide ranging opportunities to hopeful engineers, analysts, architects, and many others. Its reputation precedes it, and applicants who are looking for a climate conscious employer will appreciate the steps it has taken in that direction. Internal upward movement is not always clearly defined, but the ambitious employee would likely gain valuable experience and skills from an Arup career.


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