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Arcadia Solutions is a health management technology company that provides data- and software-driven solutions to healthcare providers to help them integrate all their information—including patient data, claims data, financial data, and more—into a single platform. The firm’s products enable companies to streamline the vast quantities of data in the healthcare industry so they can make better decisions relating to patient care as well as financial management.

If you’re an aspiring consultant who’s interested in helping to revolutionize the healthcare industry, or even if you’re primarily interested in using advanced analytics to help companies optimize their operations, you might want to consider a career at Arcadia Solutions.

In this article, we’ve gathered all the information you’ll need to determine if a career with Arcadia Solutions is the right move for you.

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Firm Key Stats

  • Firm Website:
  • Firm Headquarters: Boston, MA
  • Firm Number of Employees: 200-300
  • Firm Number of Locations: 2
  • Firm Chief Executive: Michael Meucci
  • Firm Revenue: $35-50 million

Arcadia Solutions History

The Arcadia Solutions history dates back to its founding in 2002 in Boston, MA. Since its founding, Arcadia Solutions has worked to use advanced analytics and digital technology to streamline healthcare data into a single platform. The firm has grown over the past two decades and has opened a second location in the Chicagoland area.

Arcadia Solutions Careers

Healthcare is an industry that is perennially expanding. And as the cost and complexity of healthcare grows, providers are increasingly in need of outside help to streamline their operations to provide the best possible care. Arcadia Solutions careers offer consultants a powerful entry point into the healthcare industry, while also offering expertise in leading-edge applications of data analytics and related software. In this section, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Arcadia Solutions careers, so you can put yourself in the best position to land a job with the firm and get your consulting career off the ground.

Arcadia Solutions Internship

There is not currently any information about an Arcadia Solutions internship. Be sure to keep checking the company’s careers page, in case new opportunities pop up before next summer.

Practice Areas

The following are the primary Arcadia Solutions practice areas:

    • Advanced Analytics
    • Data Management
    • Value-based Analytics and Strategy
    • Patient Care Data
    • Patient Management
    • Payment Services
    • IT
    • Database Management
    • Business Intelligence


The following are the primary Arcadia Solutions industries:


Arcadia Solutions Locations

There are two Arcadia Solutions locations: Arcadia Solutions Boston and Arcadia Solutions Chicagoland (which is located in Rockford, IL).

Career Path

The Arcadia Solutions career path for consultants includes the following positions:

    • Consultant
    • Senior Consultant
    • Principal Consultant
    • Director

Exit Opportunities

If you’re thinking about how an Arcadia Solutions career might improve your career trajectory, you’ll want to consider the Arcadia Solutions exit opportunities. Because healthcare is such a vital industry, departing employees should be in an extremely good position to move into a consulting role with other firms that specialize in healthcare. Departing employees should also be able to move to in-house positions with healthcare provider groups. Additionally, because of Arcadia Solutions’s expertise in using advanced analytics to support empirically driven operations and decision-making, departing employees should be able to move into consulting roles with other industries that make use of sophisticated analytics.

Diversity Programs

There is not currently any publicly available information about any Arcadia Solutions diversity programs.

Arcadia Solutions Culture

The Arcadia Solutions culture is praised for the experience and expertise employees are able to gain through working on projects. However, some employees describe the decision-making process as a more “check the boxes” approach than in-depth. Many employees praise the relatively horizontal structure, with access to senior leadership. Other employees, however, note that favoritism can predominate. Employees do widely praise the work/life benefits, including flexible WFH and PTO options.

Arcadia Solutions Interview

If you want to land a job at Arcadia Solutions, you’ll need to be prepared for the Arcadia Solutions interview.

Firm Interview Process

The Arcadia Solutions firm interview process is initially described as relatively quick-moving, with applicants being contacted by HR reps to set up initial phone screenings often within 24 hours of submitting resumes. From there, applicants proceed through three rounds of in-person interviews with escalating levels of leadership. The first two rounds involve standard behavioral questions and cultural fit questions. The final round involves more technical questions and tasks, for example, “Design a sample patient record schema.” Applicants do not mention having to deal with case studies. Some applicants describe the process as somewhat disorganized, while others describe the process as being relatively smooth, so the experience may differ from applicant to applicant.

Arcadia Solutions Salary

Of course, if you’re interested in working for Arcadia Solutions, one of the things you’ll be most curious about is the Arcadia Solutions salary. The average Arcadia Solutions salaries for positions in the consulting track are:

  • Consultant: $117,000
  • Senior Consultant: $132,000
  • Principal Consultant: $218,000
  • Director: $304,000

The Arcadia salary for consultants is highly impressive, and even outpaces the Big 3 firms, where the starting Consultant salary averages $110,000-112,000. For more salary information on hundreds of firms, be sure to check out our current Consulting Salaries Report.


Healthcare is a booming industry, and an aging population means it will continue to be a highly important field for the foreseeable future. At the same time, advances in technology and patient care mean healthcare providers have to deal with massive quantities of data. Arcadia Solutions helps healthcare companies streamline and manage that data, while also leveraging it for superior patient care strategies and optimal financial management. If you’re an aspiring consultant who’s interested in working with advanced analytics and/or helping healthcare providers deliver the best possible care, you should consider applying to Arcadia Solutions today.

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