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Aon Consulting is a large firm with hundreds of locations, thousands of employees, and a wide network of connections that any eager team member will benefit from. It has been around for 40 years now and is well established in the consulting world.

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  1. Aon Consulting Key Stats
  2. Aon Consulting History
  3. Aon Consulting Careers
  4. Practice Areas
  5. Industries
  6. Office Locations
  7. Aon Consulting Internship
  8. Exit Opportunities
  9. Target Schools
  10. Diversity Programs
  11. Aon Consulting Culture
  12. Aon Consulting Interview
  13. Aon Consulting Salary

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Aon Consulting Key Stats

  • Firm Website:
  • Firm Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
  • Firm Number of Employees: 50,000
  • Firm Number of Locations: 665
  • Firm Chief Executive: Gregory C. Case
  • Firm Revenue: $12.2 billion

Aon Consulting History

Aon Consulting was founded by Patrick Ryan and W. Clement Stone in 1982 in Chicago as a merger between two insurance companies, Ryan Insurance Group and Combine Insurance Company of America. It was named Aon for the Gaelic for word meaning “one.” Their focus at that time was insurance, but in 1995, they shifted to consulting after selling their insurance holdings to General Electric. The firm immediately began growing its international reach through acquisitions like Gil y Carvajal in Spain and forming Aon Korea.

Aon has had huge success, but not entirely without bumps. It has been fined by both the Financial Services Authority in the UK and the SEC in the US, for charges relating to inadequate bribery and corruption controls as well as violating Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Aon claimed some actions hadn’t been intended, so there are some gray areas around this activity.

Aon Consulting Careers

Because of their size and reach, Aon Consulting careers are varied and widely available. There are options in every sector of the industry and at nearly every level, creating an appealing smorgasbord of job possibilities reaching around the world.

Practice Areas

Aon Consulting’s practice areas are wide ranging and diverse, covering a broad spectrum of services.

    • Actuarial and Analytics
    • Affinity Groups
    • Analytics & Technical Services
    • Aon Securities
    • Captive & Insurance Management
    • Casualty Risk Control
    • Casualty Risk Management
    • Claims Consulting
    • Commercial Risk Solutions
    • Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Risk Management
    • Cyber Solutions
    • Data & Analytic Services
    • Environmental Risk Services
    • Facultative Reinsurance
    • Group and Individual Insurance
    • Health Solutions
    • Inpoint
    • Kidnap & Ransom Insurance
    • M&A and Transaction Solutions
    • Minority Business Enterprises
    • Optics: Claims Service Provider Services
    • Political Risk Management
    • Private Risk Management
    • Property Risk Management
    • Reinsurance Solutions
    • Retirement Solutions
    • Terrorism Risk Management


    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Construction Services
    • Cyber
    • Energy & Mining
    • Entertainment
    • Financial Institutions
    • Food System, Agribusiness and Beverage
    • Health Care
    • Higher Education
    • Industrial and Materials
    • Life Sciences
    • Marine
    • Mining
    • Power Industry
    • Professional Services
    • Public Sector
    • Rail
    • Real Estate
    • Retail Trade
    • Technology & Communications
    • Transportation and Logistics

Office Locations

Aon Consulting has 145 office locations in the United States, and hundreds more across 120 countries, offering employment opportunities to thousands around the globe. The easiest way to find a specific city is to search through their locations page.

Aon Consulting Internship

Aon Consulting offers 10-week summer internships for rising undergraduate seniors who have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and have some experience with leadership or extracurricular activities.
They believe in a model which focuses primarily on using experience to train interns, which creates a well prepared team who can handle real life scenarios as they appear.

Another option for students is Aon’s apprenticeships which involve a workload split between hours at the firm and taking classes part-time toward an Associates degree in business concentrated course. This program is an incredibly attractive option to those who’d prefer to study but would like to build work experience during that period without having to balance full-time work and school.

Exit Opportunities

Aon Consulting works heavily in insurance, which should provide great experience in that field, should you be interested in pursuing it further. It branches out to many other industries, however, so there is plenty of opportunity for pivoting. Their extensive international network may also be advantageous in securing future positions.

Target Schools

    • Delhi University
    • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    • NIBE-SVV Opleidingen
    • Chartered Insurance Institute
    • DePaul University
    • ANZIIF
    • Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
    • FGV – Fundação Getulio Vargas
    • Insurance Institute of Canada
    • University of Warwick

Diversity Programs

Aon Consulting has Business Resource Groups (BRGs) for employees to help create a sense of community and affirm the experiences and identities of different individuals.

Aon Consulting Culture

Previous employees shared that within Aon’s culture they often felt that work-life balance wasn’t prioritized and the workload was more demanding than necessary. Training wasn’t always sufficiently thorough, and many felt like it was easy to get lost among the thousands of other employees and not feel like one’s role was particularly significant.

Conversely, the opportunities for growth within a firm of Aon’s size are quite impressive. Leadership tends to be good about communicating when necessary and it’s an environment where one will be challenged and collaboration is encouraged.

Aon Consulting Interview

Interview experiences aren’t always positive at Aon Consulting, as some previous applicants reported. Others have said they were average, and some positive, but the majority isn’t entirely favorable.

Although it varies by position, you could expect 2-3 rounds of interviews, one with HR, a technical round, and a behavioral. Some interviewees, however, reported two rounds with HR, and no technical round.

Aon Consulting Salary

Depending on the role you’re applying for, Aon Consulting salaries can be competitive with other top advisory (MBB) firms. To see our full Consulting Salaries Report, click here.

  • Senior consultant: $134,289
  • Consultant: $109,634
  • Account specialist: $61,580
  • Account executive: $116,129
  • Associate broker: $150,251
  • Actuarial analyst: $109,659


Aon Consulting is a global firm that provides many opportunities for growth. The breadth of office locations alone offer many options for an employee’s future career path. The firms focus on HR and insurance provide exposure to enterprise class clients. A motivated individual can very likely gain much from the experience, taking into account potential pitfalls that other employees have conveyed. If you have questions or would like help thinking through a potential move to Aon, contact us for a consultation.

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